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Spire mall residency updates

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The Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad is an unauthorized multipurpose project in Khanna, on the Islamabad Expressway. Sudduzai Builders and Green Spire Private Limited collaborated on the project. It allows quick access to Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s most popular locations.

The 9-story building has a combination of profitable retail outlets, corporate offices, and residential flats, making it a wonderful investment opportunity. It is flanked by some well-known Islamabad and Rawalpindi societies. Within a few years, the project should be done.

Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad Owners & Developers:

Sudduzai Builders and Green Spire Private Limited collaborated on the development of Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad. Both organizations have built a solid reputation in the real estate industry by completing great projects.

The developers of the Spire Mall & Residency are a collection of exceptionally capable and competent planners, designers, architects, engineers, and constructors.

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Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad NOC:

The Capital Development Authority has not accepted the Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad No Objection Certificate (NOC) (CDA). Currently, the project’s status is illegal.

The owner and developers of the Spire Mall & Residency, on the other hand, have structured this residential and commercial property in such a way that residents and consumers will not be disappointed. They are also working hard to obtain an approved NOC from the relevant authorities.

The CDA has advised investors not to book any properties in the mall or the Spire Mall & Residency at this time.

Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad Location:

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The location of the Spire Mall & Residency is great, as it is near the Islamabad Expressway in Khanna. It may be reached easily from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The project is surrounded by a number of residential and non-residential sectors.

Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad Layout Plan:

Spire Mall & Residency, a new development, is spread out over a broad area. Its floor plan was created with considerable care and attention. At a low price, the multipurpose project offers magnificent residential apartments, business offices, and retail shops.

Furthermore, food courts and outlet stores with international standards are expected to open.


Spire Mall & Residency Islamabad Facilities & Amenities:

Following are the facilities and amenities that are offered in Spire Mall & Residency:

Basic Utilities:

The Spire Mall & Residency provides basic facilities such as underground power, water, and gas to its residents. There is also a complete underground sewage system and drainage system. In addition, the supply of pure water and gas is unaffected. Get the idea from Parkview Islamabad.


The Spire Mall & Residency is a highly protected commercial and residential development that places a premium on the safety of its residents and visitors.

The walkthrough gates are set at the building’s entrances to ensure that only authorised people are allowed to enter.

Armed guards are stationed at the building’s entrances as well. The building is well-gated, and there are CCTV cameras installed throughout to ensure the safety of the inhabitants and clients.

The proprietors of the Spire Mall & Residency plan to place armed guards on nearly every storey of the skyscraper. The security concerns will be properly managed by the building’s own security control room.

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Fire Alarm System:

A state-of-the-art fire alarm system would also be installed in the structure. In the event of an emergency, the residents of this residential and business project will be rescued by a quick-response squad.

High-Quality Infrastructure:

Once the development work is completed, the Spire Mall & Residency’s façade will be striking. The building’s creators have devoted much care to the building’s infrastructure. Get the idea from Eighteen Islamabad.

Luxurious Lifestyle:

Residents of the Spire Mall & Residency enjoy a sophisticated and elegant lifestyle. The Spire Mall & Residency is equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date amenities to ensure that residents have an absolutely wonderful time while living there.


The Spire Mall & Residency is located in the heart of the city. Islamabad is a business and residential complex in Islamabad. Several popular residential communities surround it. It is also easily reachable from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The CDA has not given its approval to the proposal.

It provides residential units and business shops in a variety of locations at exceptionally low prices. Its residents live in an incredibly safe and welcoming atmosphere. As a result, Sky Marketing advises you to invest in Spire Mall and Residency..


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