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Souls-Like Game Characteristics Inside Elden Ring

Deafiting the Strongest Genre

Inside the gaming world of any player, you have different ways to enjoy your playing sessions. Depending on your experience and personality, having a “clicker” in your hands is enough. On the other hand, other gamers need complex gameplay mechanics inside their video games.

Every Souls-Like Game has unique characteristics that some players need in their free time. In this article, you will learn how to spot a video game from this genre and if these gaming mechanics are what you’re also looking for in your gaming sessions.

Souls-Like Game Characteristics

Here, you have the most common characteristics of this outstanding gaming genre.

Souls Gathering

The “Souls” part of this genre refers to a necessary currency that helps you improve your character. Every time you kill an enemy or interact with random objects in the scenery, you grab Souls. Specific NPC’s (Non-Playable Characters) will exchange the in-game currency for experience and might grant you a new level.

You need to win levels to improve different components of your character and help them sustain difficult enemies. You could lose the amount of Souls in your inventory if you lose your hitpoints and die. Afterward, you can reclaim your Souls by walking into your “grave” or the defeating point. However, if you lose another life before you reach that point, you’ll lose all your Souls.

Inside Elden Ring, the developers call them “Runes.” Their name is different, but they follow the same principles as Souls.

Chilling Bonfire

As you explore inside the hostile environment, you can find an abandoned camp on your path. These special places have three unique characteristics.

First, they work as a “saving” point inside your journey. When you close the video game, you will return to the latest bonfire when you reload your saved file. When you die, you will also respawn on these locations.

Secondly, the bonfires “refresh” the instances. Indeed, when you interact with these places, you will restore your health and essential items (like health potions). The downside, though, is that many enemies will respawn as well.

Lastly, you can use the abandoned camps to teleport around the world. If you find a dead end in your exploration, you’ll move quickly around the area and retrace your steps.

Extreme Difficulty

The most common impression for any Souls-Like Game is the difference in the upcoming difficulty. The developers will use different strategies to put you off guard and make you lose your health as quickly as possible.

Some enemies will kill you with a couple of hits, while you need to avoid their attacks and attack repeatedly to defeat them. Furthermore, you could find different opponents as you move around the map.

Many places come with hazardous dangers that you could fall into. Without any warning, you could drop on a cliff around a corner. Some corridors might have more than one trap. Anything could happen as you explore these types of video games.

Online Interactions

When you move around the map, you can see other surprises from the gaming community. For example, you could find random messages from other players that could mislead you or give you upcoming warnings.

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