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Some Non-Tech Playground Games For Kids To Boost Creativity

When I was a kid, most of our spare time was spent playing outside with the neighboring kids. We also made the most of the school’s recess. Without using any of the cutting-edge technologies of today, we kept ourselves fairly busy. Some non-tech games that you might remember playing as a child are listed below. I for one, did. Some can be carried out inside. Some activities can be completed by oneself or with one companion. But for the majority of them, a group of people doing them outside is better. Additionally, you can alter or enhance the majority of these playground games for kids by creating your own rules. Think creatively!

Hide and Seek

This game is well-known to everyone. Given that young toddlers frequently like concealing and uncovering things, most parents have played with their children. I’ve heard about countless variations of this game that I’ve never heard of. You occasionally count to 20, once to 10, and once to one hundred. You can sprint to a home base occasionally to become “safe,” but other times you just have to wait to be discovered. The basic notion is that one person is “it,” That person closes their eyes and counts blindly to a predetermined number before attempting to locate the other participants. At least three players are preferred.

Kick the Can

This activity is a hybrid of tag and hide-and-seek. A can is put in the centre of the playing field, and either one individual or a group of people are given the title “it.” While the “it” conceals his or her eyes and counts to a specific number, the other folks flee and hide. Then “It” seeks to locate everyone. A person who is “tagged” by “it” enters a holding area for gamers who have been taken prisoner. The captured players are released if one of the un-captured players is successful in kicking the can. Once every player who is not “it” is in the holding pen, the game is done.

Shadow Tag

Instead of tagging one another’s bodies in this entertaining variation of Tag, you tag each other’s shadow with your feet. Thus, a sunny day is required for playing. The challenge increases the closer it gets to noon. A few players are involved. Devices: none.

Freeze Tag

In this version of Tag, you must freeze in place if you are tagged by the person who is “it.” If you freeze, another participant can unfreeze you. A few players are involved. Devices: none.

TV Tag

A variant of freeze tag in which the player who unfreezes the frozen player must announce the name of a television programme. After that, that game’s broadcast of that show is prohibited.

Marco Polo

This version of tag is carried out in a pool. The “it” person closes their eyes and shouts, “Marco!” Next, the other players shout “Polo!” The person who is “it” must tag one of the others before becoming such. Make sure that no player is playing in a pool that is too deep for them. A few players are involved. A pool is the necessary equipment.

Blind Man’s Bluff: Children Playground Game

This game, another version on tag, was a popular children playground games in Tudor and Victorian England. The player who is “it” attempts to tag the other players while wearing a blindfold. Make sure you play this game in a space free from obstacles and other dangers.

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