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Simple, Private and Personalized: What your Inactivity Alert System Should Be

There are many ways to ensure the safety of your loved ones. One of them is implementing monitoring services in their routine. Read on to learn what inactivity monitoring is, what are its top features and how it can help your family members and friends.

What is an Inactivity Monitoring System for Personal Safety? Form Factors & Use Cases

Despite living in 2022 the modern world still has its dangers. Younger generation often faces bullying, while the older one has to deal with health issues. The ultimate way to ensure the safety of your loved ones is to use customer safety services.

They offer a huge variety of  medical alerts and personal emergency response systems. These devices have different methods of ensuring safety, some work with a push of a button, the others use fall detection motion sensors. Still we recommend using the devices with the inactivity monitoring feature and here’s why.

Inactivity monitoring checks up on the absence of its user with the specific tracking parameters. The absence of activity triggers a chain of events that leads to sending an SOS-signal. To put it short, the main advantage of inactivity alert systems is that they are a hands free technology. They allow the user to notify their closed ones about the emergency without a direct input.

Inactivity alert devices may come into different form factors:

  • Medical systems
  • Home alert systems
  • Wearables
  • Mobile device apps

This spectrum of choice means there are many possible situations to use the inactivity alerts. It can help with:

Tracking Safety of Older Adults

Aging inclines physical injuries and cognitive illnesses that require proper care.

Increasing Workspace Safety

This will improve employee motivation and work productivity.

Solo traveling.

Traveling alone may be dangerous, but inactivity monitoring is the way to send an SOS signal asap.

Monitoring of Kids

The children often become victims to assaults, take care of their security

What Your Inactivity Monitoring System Should be Like 5 Top Features

But what is the ideal inactivity alert system? There are some crucial parameters that devices with these technologies need to offer, these are:

1.   Simple Setup

Medical emergencies often happen with seniors who may not be used to new technology. The setup of a medical alert system should be simple enough for your elderly relatives.

2.   Ease of Use

The simplicity has to apply to the usage as well. The UI has to contain a minimum of colors and offer user-friendly navigation. Overwhelming the user with complex features and parameters will only make them confused in the long term.

3.   Privacy

It is better to make the monitoring center private. The data should be secure and validated. The emergency contacts don’t need to know the user’s location all of the time.

4.   Personalization

The best inactivity tracking parameters are the ones that can be customized. The settings should take false alarms into account as well.

5.   Stability

There is no point in a personal emergency leave if it’s not registered by the system. The monitoring has to be accurate and stable, as the user’s life depends on it.

AllsWell Alert to Monitor Inactivity

According to the features we’ve set previously, AllsWell Alert is the best inactivity alert system. It is a mobile app that uses inactivity monitoring as its main mechanism. AllsWellAlert:

  1. Has a simple setup. All you need is to choose who you are getting an app for and set the inactivity timers.
  2. Is easy to use. The UI sets two appealing colors and shows only the most important options in the main menu.
  3. Cares about user privacy. The location data is only tracked when the alarm system is triggered.
  4. Has customizable inactivity timers.
  5. Is stable and fast, having many reviews that prove it.

Achieve peace of mind with AllsWell Alert and check our FAQ if you have questions on how the inactivity alert system works.

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