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Shipit4us: The best online shipping marketplace for your business

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Because it’s convenient, people shop online. They can order their preferred things from the comfort of their home while chilling, relaxing, and doing things that bring them happiness, and the item will be delivered right to their front door.

For them, it’s really simple, but not so much for the store shipping the item.

Do you own an online business? Do you plan on shipping your items/furnitures? Good news! You don’t have to sell online for very long to become familiar with the difficulties of delivery. Shipit4us got you covered! It is an online shipping marketplace that organizes everything from collection to delivery and even optimize your document processes to ensure the continuous flow of goods.

Shipit4us provide services that are well-liked by both their vendors and clients. It ought to benefit their merchants and satisfy their customers at the same time.


When shipping a lot of items internally, it is unquestionably the most economical option!!!

With Shipit4us, you can never go wrong! Our service providers will deliver your cargo from port to port or door to door, all of which are carefully planned out to meet your cost and time expectations. Our service providers have years of experience in managing freight with international carriers.

With the ideal combination of cost and travel time, shipit4us lets you instantly compare freight estimates for air, ocean, and trucks from a variety of suppliers.

Additionally, they offer energizingly simple logistics administration with on-demand tracking, real-time updates, and proactive problem solving from dependable providers.

Shipit4us is accessible to assist with all aspects of the shipping procedure, including the documentation and delivery details.

We also make sure that our service providers won’t fail you!

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  • Monitors delivery difficulties and swiftly resolve them.
  • Open and honest about costs and other significant shipping details.
  • Make a specific delivery date and follow it
  • They provide their consumer’s purchasing protection.
  • They guarantee prompt shipping of all orders.
  • They provide tracking details so that customers may trace their orders all the way to their door.

And wait, there’s more! Shipit4us have a variety of shipping categories that you can choose from!

Vehicles and Boats

It takes a lot of work to ship cars, boats, ATVs, trailers, and RVs when initiating a move or when purchasing a new car online. When you visit our websites, you can quickly compare rates from some of the best vehicle transport companies and get an estimate for moving your car.

Freight Service

Freight is the general term for large shipments of items that are bought, packaged, and then transported via various modes of transportation. Freight transportation is necessary when moving a lot of goods, cargo, or products physically. Rail, truck, ship, and airplane are the most popular modes of transportation for transferring freight over land and water. Additionally, a variety of delivery modes, including expedited, international, full truckload, and less-than-truckload, are offered by freight companies.

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Transporting products or supplies that don’t take a full truckload is referred to as LTL Freight. Many different shipments are often transported on a single-vehicle due to smaller freight loads. LTL shipments usually weigh between 150 to 10,000 pounds and are organized on pallets.

  • Full Truckload (FTL)

Full truckload shipping, or FTL, is a mode of transportation for large items that take up most or all of a truck’s capacity. This method of shipping is usually utilized for goods that need to be delivered fast, have a lot of stuff, or would want to travel entirely inside a trailer.

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Expedite Shipping

It is a method of freight transportation, ensures that goods arrive more quickly than they would through regular transit times. Rarely do trucks delivering accelerated materials make pit stops to speed up the process. Expedited shipments go directly from pickup to delivery.

Heavy Equipment

Due to the size and weight of the load, heavy machinery servicing requires a qualified transporter. The moving of large equipment necessitates specialized handling, huge weight approvals, and special freight carriers in contrast to conventional LTL and FTL transit. When exporting heavy equipment, specialized trailers are additionally needed to transport particular equipment types. Such a large investment necessitates careful shipment.

Air Freight

It is possible to deliver items swiftly using air transportation, also referred to as air cargo. Airfreight transportation has always had a high cost-to-weight ratio because it is the fastest method of transporting products across international borders.

a simple process from start to finish. In order to set up collection at the storage unit or storage facility, your supplier will work with a local carrier. Before transporting the trucks to the airports in order to transport the cargo, the carrier must first load the products into a truck. You can pick up and deliver the package using your carrier after it has reached its destination.

Ocean Freight

Transporting products by sea is known as ocean freight. It is crucial for cross-border trade since it makes it possible for large amounts of commodities to be transported across countries. Usually, ships are used to convey cargo across wide oceans. For different sorts of things, there are also several delivery alternatives available. Transport in containers, often known as containerization, is the most used technique.

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Household goods

To safely move valuable household items like electronics, furniture, and large appliances, pick Shipit4us. We’ll help transport your products on time, managing all the challenging work and offering assistance and resources along the route, whether you’re shipping a sofa to a relative, a TV you recently purchased online, or a refrigerator to your new home.

Pet Shipping

Finding trustworthy and cost-effective pet transportation services is made simpler by the online marketplace at Shipit4us. Your shipping list should include information about your pet’s gender, breed, and any special needs. Businesses that transport pets will give you quotations in an effort to win your business. As a result, you can locate the most reasonable solutions for transporting your pets. Yes, pet shipping is not impossible!

Haiti Shipping Service

Shipping to Haiti has always been challenging. If you reside in South Florida, you have two options: set up a door pickup or deliver the package to our warehouse. You can choose our LTL or less than truckload shipping rates to have your item transported from any other State to our warehouse. Once you have a shipment that is correctly wrapped in boxes, barrels, pallets, or bins, Shipit4us makes it easier for you to send to Haiti with transiting in Florida.

With all these things being said, I must say that SHIPIT4US is the best  for your personal and online business! What are you waiting for? Book a shipment with us!

















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