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Through this article, we reveals its advice for redesigning an existing website. Find out what elements to take into account, analyze and optimize during a site redesign.

What is a site redesign?

A site redesign consists of changing the appearance of a website. It not only meets an aesthetic need but also relies on the functionality of the site by optimizing it.

The objective of a site redesign is to best meet the expectations of users by optimizing their experience. It is a job that is both meticulous and must be well orchestrated so as not to lose its positioning on search engines. It is therefore important to follow a few steps in order to maintain its positioning during the site redesign.

The tree structure of a website

When redesigning a website, care must be taken to respect the semantic tags and their order (H1, H2, H3). The internal mesh is also to be taken into account by adding internal links to each page of the site. To improve its positioning on search engines, the reading of the HTML code must be carried out smoothly.

The importance of keywords

A site redesign also involves an analysis of the keywords used in the existing site. It is then necessary to analyze using tools (Google Keyword Planner or Google Search Console) which keywords are interesting and relevant for your site. Then, a selection among these keywords is necessary while taking into account the searches of Internet users and the positioning of competitors.

An optimized user experience

Site redesign allows a brand to boost its image and be modern. On the other hand, it is necessary to make the user journey pleasant with a good loading of the pages. A page that takes too long to load can irritate visitors and change purchasing behavior. There are many tips to follow to make the page load fast so as not to lose positioning.

Nowadays, it is relevant to adapt your website for mobile browsing so as not to be penalized by Google for its referencing on search engines.

Optimize your content

To maximize its positioning in the SERPs, it is important to publish content of at least 500 words and to insert previously chosen keywords into the text. The content must be relevant and be written in an “SEO for coaches” manner, that is to say with targeted keywords, optimized titles in the form of “hen” tags but also by integrating internal links and free images quality rights. Quality content helps search engines in their SEO.

Optimize the crawl by creating a sitemap

To facilitate the work of Google robots, it is important to optimize the crawl of the site by creating a sitemap which is generally at the bottom of the page. By optimizing the crawl of the site, these robots will more easily index the website in search engines.

Switch to HTTPS

When redesigning the site, take the opportunity to use HTTPS, which is a secure protocol recommended by Google.

This conversion is highly recommended and requires 301 redirects on all pages of a website.

What you can remember:

Redesigning a site is not done on a whim. The goal is not just a matter of aesthetics but extends to functionality.

It is a question of boosting its brand image and adapting to its audience by offering fluid and pleasant navigation on its mobile.

This work requires the expertise of a site redesign agency in order to carry out your project as well as possible without losing SEO or even optimizing it. Today brands need more than ever a beautiful site on the web and to use SEO Company techniques in order to be visible and increase traffic on their site.

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