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3 Ways a Shopify SEO Expert Can Help Your Online Store Get More Sales

3 Ways a Shopify SEO Expert Can Help Your Online Store Get More Sales

Shopify SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that Shopify SEO experts use to optimize an online store built on Shopify. It’s basically your typical SEO process adjusted to meet and complement the unique qualities of the Shopify platform.

Shopify actually already has SEO features built-in in the system. So when you’re hosting your online store on Shopify, you get all these built-in SEO capabilities in your website.

What this means is that your website is optimized to rank high on the search engine results page (SERP) of Google, for instance.

However, just because your website is on Shopify doesn’t mean you’ll automatically rank high. SEO is not a one-time project that you do to increase your sales. It’s a continuous process because the Internet is fluid.

Everything is changing all the time, which means you always have to adapt to these changes if you want to compete better in the eCommerce landscape. This is where an SEO expert can help you.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

A Shopify expert can help you build and maintain a search engine optimized Shopify store so you can have quality and consistent organic traffic to your site. A steady stream of organic traffic from unpaid sources (i.e. not from a paid ad like PPC, influencer post, etc.) is a sustainable way of growing an eCommerce business.

Specifically, a Shopify SEO expert can:

Help You Rank High on Google

By using SEO tactics and strategies, an SEO expert can get your online store on top of searches.

Ranking high on Google and other search engines means more people will be seeing your website and more shoppers will be seeing your products.

You want to rank high on Google because 46% of shoppers begin their product search on Google, this is according to Jumpshot, a marketing analytics firm.

Also, a study made by backlinko shows that the number 1 results on Google gets 31.7% of all clicks. Of course, that number drops off in succeeding pages.

An SEO expert can help you position your site on the first page of Google so you get all the benefits of ranking high and being highly visible. All of which, translates to high sales and revenues.

Help You with Keyword Research and Advertising

Keyword research can be done in a few hours. But if you’re targeting page 1 of search engine results or if you don’t want your advertising money to go to waste, you’ll want to do keyword research and monitor keyword trends for your niche regularly. This way, your business can adapt to changes.

Also, if you’re going to run a new campaign or ad, you need to revisit your keyword strategy to have any real results.

An SEO professional can do all these and more. An expert will know how to analyze keywords, compare them with other keywords, and choose the best performing keyword for SEO and advertising opportunities for your website.

When you’re using a highly relevant and effective keyword for your eCommerce business, your CTR or click-through rates will improve, your conversions will increase, and your sales will go up.

Analyze Your Stats

Measuring your SEO efforts is important because it will give you insights into your market and give you the right direction on where to take your next campaign to.

Shopify Analytics built-in within the platform can help you with this. Except it won’t if you don’t know what you’re looking for and what metrics matter most to your business.

An SEO professional can pinpoint the exact elements of your website that need tweaking to improve your stats. Good data and an accurate translation of it can help your business grow and succeed.

So if you want to bring in more customers to your online store, get a Shopify SEO expert to help you manage the SEO side of your business. Talk to SEO consultants and agencies like Genius eCommerce.

Genius eCommerce is the leading Shopify SEO agency for eCommerce businesses. They have a team of SEO experts to help you not only make sense of SEO marketing but also help your online store get more organic visitors. Get an expert today and get more sales for your business.

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