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Revolution In Gaming Industry

The mobile gaming industry has observed tremendously growth in recent years, especially during the post-pandemic. Primarily, Xbox and PlayStations were the only platforms that enabled gamers to play premium and multiplayer games. But, with the rapid advancement in technology, mobile gaming has taken the world by storm, and nowadays, mobile games have been all over the world due to splendid reasons. Some of them are affordability, easy accessibility, reliability, and long-term convenience. Nowadays, mobile gaming by game development company has been excessively used all over the world. Let’s discover the top 5 reasons why one must invest in mobile gaming. Also if you require assistance from a game development company, you can connect with any reputable custom software development Dubai in this regard.

Are Mobile Games More Profitable than Console Games?

One of the most searched queries found on Google is what sort of games are more profitable – whether they are mobile games or console games. Undoubtedly, mobile games have more potential than any other variant. There are numerous reasons for that. Firstly, mobile games are more economical, user-friendly, and easy to access, unlike traditional console or PC games. Secondly, you don’t need any expensive machinery to play hardcore, challenging games due to the powerful functionalities available in today’s smartphones. Thirdly, mobile games are more convenient and are accessible both online and offline compared to console games. Lastly, and most significantly, it has been found that a total of 52% of the revenue only comes from mobile games. Now you can comprehend why mobile games are more lucrative compared to other game variants. In a nutshell, mobile games have been all over the world nowadays more than any gaming medium due to a wide list of splendid advantages. In the preceding write-up, you’ll further discover why mobile gaming is a great investment than console games.

Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Mobile Gaming than Console Gaming

Here is a quick lowdown on the best 5 reasons why one must invest in mobile gaming rather than other traditional gaming mediums.

Economical Prices

Xbox and PlayStation are currently the two most popular gaming platforms for playing strategy, casual, and other fantasy games. But not everyone has the money to invest in these businesses. Smartphones have actually saved the day in this scenario. The most modern tools and technologies as per mobile app development company Qatar are now included in smartphones, enabling avid gamers to enjoy a huge variety of games with ease. Gamers may now play their favorite games constantly without spending a lot of money on PCs or consoles, thanks to the development of powerful, user-centric smartphones. Mobile gaming has become increasingly demanding in recent years due to the affordability factor of smartphones.

Easy Accessibility

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, unlike AAA games, Xbox and PlayStation games demand significant financial investment. Primarily, these latter platforms were the only places to play complex, intricate multiplayer games. However, the smartphone sector has emerged over time, allowing gamers to play games hassle-free on smartphones at any time and at any part of the day. Playing premium, complex, multiplayer games on smartphones has now become simple and hassle-free due to the diversified functionality available in today’s smartphones. The gaming business has further progressed due to easy access to premium games on mobile devices.

Easy Revenue

Nowadays, the vast majority of gamers earn immensely from their smartphone gaming. At first, it was difficult to persuade individuals that they could genuinely earn money through gaming. However, the mobile gaming sector has continued to experience tremendous growth since the debut of mobile casinos. Poker, PUBG, slots, and other jackpot games are some of the most played casual and strategy games that let players win money over a short span of time.


The comfort and convenience offered by modern smartphones are another major factors in the enormous expansion of the mobile gaming sector. Fortunately, the invention of smart devices made it simple and hassle-free to play games in order to relax and unwind while commuting, roaming the city, or even riding a cab.


The final and most important reason for spending money on mobile gaming is that it raises overall escapism. Now, gamers may play any of their favorite game with their friends or family members at any time without facing any challenges. Think about PUBG and Asphalt Xtreme, two of the most played video games right now. Take a look at how these games have grown so popular over the past few decades and how they improve user experience. In a nutshell, making an investment in the mobile gaming sector is one of the safest and longest-lasting investments. So, if you are in need of a game development company to create a fantastic game for your business, get in touch with any renowned mobile app development Dubai.

Bottom Line

In contrast to traditional gaming mediums, mobile gaming has recently grown in mainstream markets and is now utilized by almost all game enthusiasts out there. There are several explanations for this, including the development of technology and the emergence of the latest trends in gaming, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. Aside from that, mobile gaming offers easy accessibility, reliability, immersive versatility, functionality, and so on. In conclusion, mobile gaming is one of the best yet long-term investments in today’s world. Our above write-up concludes why mobile gaming has more potential than other gaming mediums.

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