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Reasons Why It Is Important to Have VPN in Your Laptop

Reasons Why It Is Important to Have VPN in Your Laptop

VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your online activity and is often used to protect the device from hackers and snoops on public networks. They are also used to hide your IP address and personal data on any Wi-Fi connection. VPN is not expensive to have on your laptop, and most of them are even free to use. The interface of VPN apps is very friendly.

Also, you must have a VPN along with an antivirus and firewall. It makes all of the moments you spend online completely private. Moreover, there are many other factors that are of importance when it comes to having a VPN on your laptop. It is not only important for privacy but there are countless other fun things that can be done using a VPN.

So, read along and find out why it is mandatory to have a VPN on your personal, as well as a work laptop.


The best part about a VPN is that it ensures you 100% anonymity which means you are safe from not only attacks, hacks, spies, but you can easily access content in disguise that you cannot without a VPN. A VPN hides your IP address and some VPNs confuse the location on your IP address which opens and allows you to a lot of internet usage possibilities. It is not only good for privacy but it also allows you to sneak peeks at restricted content.

Online Games

If you are someone who often plays online games, you will know the importance of a VPN. VPNs provide you with a whole new experience of reduced lag while playing games. When you log in to the online games, you share your link on your social media to make a profile and to save the game data with a username, VPN helps protect your privacy, just in case somebody tries to hack your profile, they will not be able to trace your IP address. Also, you can play games from any region. Get the latest updates of your game, even if that specific update is not available in your country. Moreover, you can play games that are banned in your country, all because of the VPN hiding your location.

Secure, and Private Audio and Video Chat

If you own a business or you are a government official, you have some secret information to share with a second party and you don’t want your conversation to be heard by somebody else, a VPN should be installed on your laptop/PC. Even if you are not a business person or government official, your meetings should be secured. In such a case, a VPN will ensure that the conversation is kept private between the two parties. There are some video call apps that do not support VPN such as WhatsApp, in that case, you can opt for Skype or Google hangouts.

Prevention from Social Media Hacks

Our social media accounts are always linked on our laptops whether we are using them or not. A good VPN could save our accounts from hacking. With the help of VPNs, the hackers will not be able to trace the IP address if the VPN is turned on. This is one of the most important features of a VPN, but it also happens often that our internet gets slowed down because of a VPN. This means we either need to change the VPN or the internet service provider. For good TV and Internet Packages, you can check out buytvinternetphone and choose an internet that does not slow down due to the VPN.

Sensitive Search without Any Intervention

The Internet is an ocean of information, and we can search for everything without any problem. Almost everything on the internet is available, but there are some websites that are restricted and cannot be opened. Sometimes the content is restricted only because it is not in your region, and with the help of a VPN, you can even access complete password-protected research and libraries. Moreover, there is much sensitive information shared online but you don’t have access to it due to the government restrictions in your country. VPN grants access to those restricted sections on the internet while confusing your IP address for anonymity.

Save Money Online

The world is digital now, and we like to spend money on online shopping, but also want to save money. One thing we didn’t know was that online stores will display the price of the same product differently in different regions. So, if you have a VPN you can search for the areas where you get the discounts on shopping, and order using VPN of that region to get the benefit.

You can also save money on the booking of hotels, rooms, or tickets on airlines. Airlines can be cheaper if you buy them from different cities or countries which makes the use of VPN a big yes for us as it saves us a lot of money.

Access to Restricted Apps/Content

Every government has a different policy according to the law of the country. When you connect to the local IP address, there will be some apps that will not be allowed to download in the country you are in. It can happen due to other reasons as well, for example, two countries do have not a good relationship or are on bad terms, they try to ban their products for each other, which means a ban on the products that could also be useful for us in daily life. For example, In North Korea, YouTube is banned by the government but still, by using VPN, you can download the apps and use them normally.

Also, there is some region-locked content such as movies and songs on Netflix or Sound Cloud. Some content on these apps is geographically restricted. This kind of content can easily be unlocked by a VPN service.

The above-mentioned reasons are why it is important to have a VPN on your laptop. So, if you want to secure yourself and also enjoy the perks of anonymously accessing whatever website, app, or content you want, you can get a VPN on your laptop and enjoy endless perks. As important as it is, it is also very much fun to have a VPN.

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