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Quick Win Branding Strategies for 2022

From digital to physical and then digital again, there’s a lot going on in the world of branding these days. And ever since the entire COVID-19 pandemic scenario, industries have never been so unsettled and unpredictable. But among all the changes and transformation we’re seeing, one thing’s for sure which is that digital is here to stay and has the potential to compete in the future as well. What does it mean for brands and branding? Let’s have a detailed look into it!

A Brief Overview

Global lockdowns, reopening and the many variants of the virus, consumer habits have changed tremendously during the entire phase with industries and even brands unsure of their next move. On the contrary, brands need to re-energise and kick-up on customer winning and retaining strategies from scratch, paving an entirely new path to take things forward. Typical success factor for different products and services may depend on the following key points:

  • Whether the purchase is truly essential or optional
  • Entirely vanished or suppressed demand
  • Physical and social dependency plus interaction
  • Ease of moving or transference to digital alternatives for greater, wider reach

For ease of understanding, each of the branding trends is backed by a quick win strategy that’s sure to spark imagination for industries and organisations.

The Connected Digital World

Competition today is fierce and the digital world is oversaturated where the only way to succeed is raising your voice higher than others. To do that, you don’t need to reserve yourself only to a single platform or a mobile app but execute a multi-channel strategy and reach out with almost everything altogether to make a difference.

Take example of three famous brands like Gucci, KFC and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise that raised the bar for their branding in a virtual stadium and a popular game respectively. This is all just to spark conversation and encourage brand awareness because doing so is also an indirect way of selling rather than blaring and honking all about “THE GOOD YOU”.

All that said, let’s not forget that technology has been the most reliable source or a lifeline during times of crisis and the same can be said for today as well.

Quick Win:

  • You can team up with a leading digital agency in Dubai or any other place for that matter, providing services such as AR/VR development and game designing that can include branding in these niches for a fun, immersive, rich digital experience.
  • As for hospitality, food and beverage brands, temporary ban on dine-in dinners can be appreciated or at least reimagined in a positive manner via zoom.
  • Share special days and moments via social media marketing

Keep Up with the Homebound Trend

With the pandemic threat still at large, public exposure is still restricted in many different countries. Many different brands are encouraging social distancing and indoor stay but without sacrificing all the good things being part of their creative branding strategy.

It can be said that brands are now responsible to spread a message of comfort and belonging to being homebound in this unnerving world. All that said, home is more like a multipurpose relaxing nest with a balance between work, rest and play for which brands have to adopt a likewise theme.

The digital is here to stay and future branding is all about bolstering the online strategy to reach out to consumers worldwide.

Quick Win:

  • Branding should be made easy for consumers who are observing self-isolation for safety with complete safety and care packages.
  • Multiple digital channels should be used to educate customers about products. Video tutorials, downloadable resources etc.
  • Physical and digital world needs should be matched.

Start With Wellness

Better physical and mental self is needed more than ever which prompted the healthcare sector to invest in product branding that supports the means and methods to a safer lifestyle during the coronavirus and its many variants.

Without giving up on the soft and natural shapes that strengthen our connection creatively with the physical and digital world, design prints for fitness brands are bold, unapologetic and delightful altogether that celebrates the emergence of postmodernism.

Designers prefer playing with various colour palettes, materials and proportions whereas the trend of the late 70s and 80s is slowly coming back as a peaceful reminder of the good, old days.

Quick Win:

  • Advance technology, especially with healthcare and wellness is all about going contactless and if yours is just that, think of creative ways to incorporate it in your core branding products.
  • If somehow your brand can incorporate antibacterial, antiviral and plant-based ingredients, it can become a major hit and key selling point.
  • Go with soft, organic and wriggly designs with joyful and natural colours

Rise Above All

We’re already half-way crossed 2021 and slowly venturing into 2022. Industries are ever more disruptive and leapfrogging into a more sustainable, sensitive and uncertain future given to the always shifting trends. Though it’s always easy falling back into the old habits, breaking the status quo is the way to truly embrace digital transformation and take branding to a whole new level.

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