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Problems in Love and Married Life? How can Gun Milan help

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Marriage is always a very significant decision and part of our lives. Everyone should exercise extreme caution when deciding on their marriage. Matchmaking, or guna Milan, is India’s first step in Hindu marriage customs. If matchmaking and gun Milan are conducted, and two people are compatible with one another, they can get married.

How is Gun Milan done?

The asthkoot process uses gun Milan to ensure that the bride and groom are a good match. This tool for predicting the future provides information on the ashtakoot Parihar and dosha. Ask an astrologer for kundali Milad to determine your horoscope’s compatibility with your gun in India. It is rumored that gun Milan can foretell a married couple’s future. It can predict future conflicts and incompatibilities between husband and wife. Gun Milan online is also an option if you are busy. Some websites do free Gun Milan without any fees. 

The astrological method known as Gun Milan is used to determine a couple’s compatibility. There are two methods for this: gun Milan by date of birth or kundali matching by name. Guna Milan is another name for the prediction of love marriage.

Why is Gun Milan given so much importance during the marriage?

Guna Milan is the first step in determining a couple’s marriage compatibility. The 36 gunas listed in the Vedic texts are considered when determining marriage compatibility. There are 36 gunas in total under the ashta koot matching.

True, Kundali Milan or Gun Milan for marriages adheres to the adage that “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” A prospective bride and groom’s Kundali or Horoscope matching is vital before engagement. Kundali Milan for marriage is essential, especially in India, where weddings are thought to last forever! It is pure science in which Mathematics and cosmic stars play a vital role in predicting one’s future.

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Kundali matching facilitates decision-making and provides a window into one’s marital life. A marriage kundali Milan offers insight and a summary of the compatibility between the two people engaged to be married. 

How can Gun Milan help your life before and after marriage?

When the two people who want to marry are unknown to each other, the ashta-koota matching must be checked. Kundli matching compares the compatibility of their nature, sexual abilities, attitudes, and tendencies to see if they are compatible partners. When two people fall in love, they spend a long time getting to know each other. Once a mutual understanding is established, there is little reason to use kundli matching for the reasons stated above.

The lifespan, likelihood of divorce, the possibility of being betrayed, and the chance of having children are the only factors to be considered when matching romantic partners’ horoscopes. However, beyond all these factors, kundli matching hardly makes sense if both partners choose to get married despite all obstacles and difficulties.

Last but not least, kundli matching can assist in bringing marriages to a successful conclusion in cases where all other factors, besides horoscope, are favorable. Reputable astrologers have specific solutions for these situations, known as upayas in astrological terminology. Therefore, the harmful effects of mismatched kundlis can be lessened by using specific upayas.


Marriage is a sacred bond between two people in Hinduism, and it must remain pure to the very end. When all the calculations are done correctly, kundali analysis for marriage or kundali Milan by name is very beneficial. Using a marriage kundali helps prospects and their families identify potential problems in their future paradise.

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For example, when love is the primary concern, but future predictions are against holy matrimony, specific remedies and rituals are performed to counteract the adverse effects. These poojas or rituals are performed to counteract the adverse effects of certain planetary positions.

Therefore, even if you are having difficulties in your marriage, there are many ways to support you in finding the best solution for a happy life. Because of this, Gun Milan is essential before marriage for a happy married life.


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