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Pogo Pins Suppliers You Can Count On!

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Do you need pogo pins suppliers? Promax Electronic Co., Ltd is a pogo pin supplier and manufacturer with 10 years of experience in the field of pogo pins. With our high precision, unique design, and excellent quality control system, we can confidently say that we’re the best pogo pin supplier in the industry today. Our intelligent pogo pins are now available at competitive prices!

What is a pogo pin?

A pogo pin or spring loaded pin is a connector widely used in modern electronics. They are known to have the ability to bounce on the surface of contact and make good contact with the mating surfaces, which can help to prevent intermittent connections. Dongguan Promax is a professional pogo pin manufacturer.

Experts in the field of high precision, unique, intelligent pogo pins, confident in the design, quality, manufacturing technology, service and delivery! Professional production facilities provide customized packaging with no minimum order requirement.

 We specialize in supplying the following types of pogo pins: SMD jumper wire connectors; PCB clips; MMCX connectors; PCB connector series including XLR Connectors, GSM Connections and WiMAX Connectors; RS232 connectors; USB connectors; DB9 connectors; DB25 connectors ; DB37 connectors ; DB50 Connectors ; IDC Header Series (IDC10sx14s) among others.

What are the benefits of using pogo pins?

Spring loaded pins are a connector widely used in modern electronics. Dongguan Promax is a professional pogo pin manufacturer. Experts in the field of high precision, unique, intelligent pogo pins, confident in the design, quality, manufacturing technology, service and delivery!

  • The spring-loaded pin is easy to use with its locking clamping force.
  • The contact pressure of the spring-loaded pin is adjustable so it can be used for materials with different thicknesses.
  • A small-sized spring-loaded pin can be used to connect two PCBs which have different heights as long as they are not too far apart from each other.
  • The cable on the left is connected to a power supply and the right one to an interface.
  • It offers low profile connection which enables single or multi-board modules that are tightly packaged.
  • With increased customer requirements, there has been an increase in popularity of these kind of spring-loaded pins.
  • There’s no need for any soldering when using this type of connection either!
  • Spring loaded pins can provide stable connections because they do not rely on solder joints alone.
  • For example, when connecting LEDs, you only need some surface mount parts plus pogo pins to create a powerful light display system at your event or showroom!
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What are the different types of pogo pins?

There are many different types of pogo pin connectors. The following are the most common:

– Spring Loaded Pogo Connector

– Standard Wire Jumper

– Extended Wire Jumper

– Disposable Jumpers

– Insulation Displacement Contactors (IDC)

Spring Loaded Pogo Connector is a type of pogo pin connector that is widely used in modern electronics. It is mostly applied for connecting and disconnecting two contacts on printed circuit boards, but can be used as an electrical interconnection between other electronic devices such as between a computer hard drive and a motherboard.


How to choose the right pogo pin supplier?

Dongguan Promax is a manufacturer of high precision, unique, intelligent pogo pins. Experts in the field of high precision and manufacturing technology, confident in the design and quality. We can provide you with excellent service and timely delivery. There are several things to consider when choosing a pogo pin supplier:

  • The quality of your product-The material used for the pogo pin should be good enough that it does not easily break or wear down over time.
  • The pricing-It is very important to find a supplier that offers competitive pricing for their products.
  • The lead time-Finding a supplier who has quick turnarounds on orders is vital. If you need your order shipped out immediately then make sure the company’s lead time will meet this demand.
  • The ability to customize products-Some suppliers may have limitations on what customizations they offer, so make sure you inquire about this ahead of time before making any decisions.
  • Customer service-If customer service is something that is extremely important to you then keep an eye out for suppliers who offer excellent customer support and satisfaction guarantees on their products.
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For More Information Visit Now: https://promaxpogopin.com/spring-loaded-pin/

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