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Players expect a real treat when it comes to Morgana aram

Morgana is a strong auxiliary magician who has moderate damage to skills, but is most useful because of his heavy gang leadership and regular stopping of enemy skills.

When inactive, Morgana recovers up to 20% of the damage done to all followers and champions.

Morgana Dark Binding (Q) is a target’s ability to deal with magical damage and deal with the enemy before it kills, whether it be a minion or a champion.

Morgana aram Shadow (W) is an area of ​​impact that can cause damage up to 5 seconds every half second, effective against both Mennonite and the enemy champion.

The Morgana Black Shield (E) protects the Allied Champions for 5 seconds and absorbs the magical damage while protecting the Allies (or themselves) from the control of the Mafia.

Irelia Aram Shackles (R) binds enemies in chains, deals with magical damage, and slows down captured enemies. If enemies remain in the shackles of his soul, they will be stunned for 1.5 seconds and suffer another loss.

Quick review:

Summer Games: Flash, Snowball

RUUNS: Black Crop, Blood Taste, Eye Hair Collection, Ultimate Hunter // Mina Flow Band, Maura

Function permission: Q, W, E.

First purchase: Aeons catalyst, speed shoes

Construction Order: Age stick, Witch’s shoes, Loudon’s echo, Zonia’s bell glass, Leandry’s torment, Rabadon’s death cap

Combos: Morgana is most effective when players use dark binding (Q), followed by Terminated Shadow (W) and / or Soul Shackles (R).

When using Soul Shackles (R), I always recommend deploying the enemy with dark binding (Q) as this makes it very easy to ensure the deployment of enemy champions and the second of Soul Shackles (R). There is additional damage to the pulse. A

Summoner mantra for Morgana in Iram


As with most champions, Morgana can handle Flash well because it allows him to avoid enemy champions, especially during the team’s fierce battles where he needs to escape quickly.

Morgana, like many ores, has no reason to continue unless they can guarantee root with dark binding (Q) and they are not alone, because unfortunately Morgana has to defend There is not much damage. Free


While snowballs are usually a demanding spell that makes you stand up against a tank like Sangd, Dr. Mando or Amu, snowball is extremely useful for Morgana as it can keep Morgana close to enemy champions using the shackles of his soul. (R)

Snowballing can also be used in situations where players want to get close enough to use darkbinding (Q), especially since the range of snowballs is slightly wider than darkbinding (Q).

If players don’t take snowballs, they can get healing or clarity, although I don’t think either is as aggressive, especially with Morgana.

Renal Trees Morganale Arames

Morgana plays like many other ores, such as Weiger, Anevia, Brand, Hammerdinger, Carthage, Timo, Zeira, Soraka, Zygos and Malzahir, where he can use both dominance and witchcraft.

Dominance / magic is usually more aggressive than magic / domination, especially when players can gather a large number of spirits by defeating enemies.

Witchcraft / Dominance is recommended for players who want to acquire a lot of skills and strive to maintain their manga. Since players are unable to access Dark Harvest, players may be aware that magic / domination has caused damage.

Severe Loss / Rest on Morgana (Domination / Magician)

Dark business

Masters with a loss of less than 50% deal with a loss of 20-60 (+ 15% AP) depending on your level. Each cut adds +2 AP.

Players can collect spirits every 45 seconds or reset the Dark Harvest Colddown to 1.5 seconds by taking part in removing enemies.

Collecting piles of Dark Harvest should be fairly easy for Morgana, especially for her tortured shadow (W), as it has a large sphere of influence.

Dark Harvest is an easy way to deal with the additional damage to Morgana, as the power of Morgana’s expertise does not extend to other ores.

The Dark Harvest is most prominent in Morgan because it penetrates enemies with dark binding (Q) and has a painful shadow beneath them, as the Dark Harvest can cause damage which eventually leads to removal. Depending on how many souls you have chosen.

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