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Orbi not connecting to the internet: 10 ways to fix it forever

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If you are facing some errors connecting to the internet. You don’t have to worry much, as there must be some connectivity issue or maybe in settings, leading to the cause of a particular error.

This post will discuss the causes and solutions for Orbi not connecting to the internet. Several reasons contribute to the error, and we’ll observe each one of them. Let’s begin.

Reasons for orbi not connecting to the internet

In some instances, rather than configuring the entire system, resolving the causes of the errors works quite well.

Network Issue: If orbi loses network signals, it indicates a weak internet connection. Ensure the internet connectivity of your orbi firmware device and home modem, especially when it comes to the network. Despite this, verify the internet connectivity from the internet provider’s end if the following issues are okay.

Obstacles in the pathway: Obstacles in the way of the operating device and networking device are often. Hence it’s imperative to keep the hindrances to the minimum. Hindrances encompass thick walls, electronic devices, microwaves, etc. There’s no clear way to remove all the obstacles, but you can minimize them.

Delaying updates: If you’re consistently delaying the orbi firmware update, it will lead to problems and issues. Thus, you should update the firmware timely to avoid severe internet connection issues. Updates keep the health network of your home and device’s health optimal. Moreover,  it will have a positive impact on the networking experiences.

Inspect VLAN bridges: Firstly, the VLAN bridge is a local area network, also known as Virtual LAN, ensuring the connection of multiple devices to a single device. Also, check if the VLAN bridging is enabled or not. If you find the feature is disabled, enable it from the Orbi’s setup wizard. In some instances, when your orbi isn’t connecting to your home modem, consider enabling the VLAN. Doing so will resolve the error.

Overheated Orbi firmware: Overheating is yet another factor causing trouble in the connection problem. Check the temperature of your orbi. If it isn’t at room temperature, you might have to bring it either by using cooling pads or turning it off for a while. Consider placing it where ventilation is proper to avoid overheating.

These are the few possibilities that create significant trouble while connecting Orbi firmware to the internet.

How to fix the error for orbi not connecting to the internet

Here are some fixes that you can try to resolve the error. Let’s get started

Ensure the connection is appropriate

Before moving on to other solutions, ensure you have connected the orbi router perfectly. This process encompasses inspecting all the wires, including coaxial, power, and ethernet. Verify whether they are plugged in properly or not. Additionally, check for weak or broken connections. Moreover, you can even use the orbi app that has made the entire process feasible and accessible for the average user.

Restart the device

If Orbi keeps losing internet connection, but the router is correctly installed, you might need to reset the device. Since the orbi is connected to your internet service provider’s modem, this restart also includes it. Unplug or off the button for at least 15 minutes of the Orbi firmware router from the power source. Subsequently, repeat the process with the modem and wait for a few seconds.

Adjust the router’s location

The router’s positioning also significantly impacts the strong internet connection and may also be the solution to the problem. If you have placed the router near other devices, it might create trouble connecting or transmitting the wifi signal throughout the house.

Use factory reset

If you find the problem persists, you might have to do an Orbi factory reset to resolve the issue. You can do this by pressing the reset button on the back of the device. But you might need a sharp object to accomplish it.

Modem replacement

Another thing you can do is test your Orbi router with other modems. It will help you determine the exact source of the problem, whether it is about your router, modem, or maybe your internet service provider.

Contact your internet service provider for further information

It’s always recommended contact your internet service provider before purchasing. Since some routers are incompatible with the given modems, you must contact them if they provide separate passwords to use the router.

If required, reinstall Orbi

Once you’ve ensured the compatibility of equipment, reinstalling the WiFi system of the Orbi router is another problem-solving approach you might have to commence. You can accomplish it in two ways: manually or using an Orbi app. Reinstalling the Orbi WiFi system can resolve the issue and remove all the problems that might be troublesome in the connectivity.

Update your Orbi firmware

Firmware is a substantial component of the Orbi router, and it is vital to install firmware updates occasionally. If you find the new firmware version is available on the website, ensure to download and install it before connecting the router to the modem.

Change the modem’s settings

The internet provider gives you the modem, including the router, and if you don’t want to use the two devices, you may find trouble connecting to the modem. However, switching your modem interface to the bridge mode may help you resolve the connection issue.

Active VLAN tagging

Enabling the VLAN tagging might help you regain the lost Orbi internet connection. You can accomplish this by going to your Orbi login page on the device and clicking the VLAN choices followed by advanced settings. Once you have enabled the tagging, you may be able to connect your Orbi router and modem.

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