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Online Tutoring Strategies for Successful Learning

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It’s essential to think about which teaching methods will be most effective for each student if you want to make the most of your online tutoring sessions. In the end, every person has a varied learning rate and a particular learning style. To make online tutoring and learning simpler and more efficient, it will be in your best interest as a teacher to actively listen and adapt your teaching method.

Let’s now examine some of the essential qualities that define a great tutor.

What Makes a Successful Tutor

The following listed qualities should be combined in a platform to run a successful online tutoring company:

  • A passion for education
  • A good head for numbers
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Patience and determination
  • Leadership

There are two more factors for effective teaching, even if this could fit into the aforementioned categories. You must first and foremost be familiar with your student’s preferred learning methods. Does the student like using visual aids to learn? Do they comprehend something better, for instance, when they see a demonstration rather than merely reading the directions? Do they like metaphors or analogies used to put things into perspective? Or do they comprehend information better when it is spoken to them? It could be simpler to assist them in identifying their preferred learning styles if you consider your own learning preferences.

Active listening techniques should be done during each online tutoring session.

Students may express themselves more clearly when you listen, and it also enables you to monitor their development. Focus is placed on the speaker’s words, body language, and emotions during active listening. This enables them to openly express their opinions to you while also ensuring that you have their complete attention.

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This takes us to a key point that teachers need to think about in relation to the topic.

Relationship Between Tutor and Student

The success of online tutoring is increased when the tutor and student have a close relationship. It helps the tutee feel at ease during sessions and makes sure the tutor is aware of the best approaches to utilize with each unique tutee. Students are also motivated to devote themselves to their own educational goals through great interaction.

The practice of online tutoring requires an ongoing conversation between the tutor and tutee. Students must assume more accountability for their own education as they advance. This calls for a minor change in the time they spend teaching each other so that tutors may educate students on how to become better learners themselves. Both tutors and tutees can benefit from learning tactics. During online tutoring sessions, students will have the chance to put what they have learned into practice. On the other hand, tutors may instruct their tutees in these techniques to help them learn in less time and a more efficient manner.

Effective Online Tutoring Strategies & Techniques To Try

Make sure you have established your teaching objectives before attempting any of these. You may want your students to be able to impart knowledge to one another or to articulate a subject they have acquired clearly. Make sure your students are not overburdened and choose teaching methods that will help you achieve your online tutoring objectives.

I Can Statements

I Can Statement is one of the most fundamental and successful online tutoring strategies. These are terms that define learning objectives and assist students in identifying what they have already effectively learned. You may utilize an I Can Statement such as, “I can answer problems utilizing two operations,” if your kid has trouble with multistep arithmetic problems. You may also try giving your student a completed issue to duplicate so they can practice without you and see an example of what they need to accomplish. In a word, they provide pupils with a road map for skill development and assist students in recognizing what they have effectively mastered thus far.

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Students are encouraged to talk aloud about what they are learning with this teaching technique. The instructor records their ideas on paper or a whiteboard before moving on to the next student, where the process is repeated. Realizing that other students could share their queries or concerns, makes tutees feel more at ease. This material may also be used by the instructor to dispel myths, highlight the right replies, and offer helpful critiques.

The Pause Procedure

When a tutor is unclear about how to assist a challenging student or when they want to give them some time to reflect, they will employ the Pause Procedure. The pause process works well because it gives pupils more time to react and results in more accurate replies than the typical hasty response.

The pause approach can be carried out either vocally by repeating the student’s response and asking them to respond again, or nonverbally by halting for a brief period of time to give students time to analyze the question and consult their notes or talk in pairs. This is based on the clarify, absorb, and retain paradigm, which is excellent for understanding.

Fast-Paced Drills

These activities are intended to go quickly and cover a lot of material. These exercises are used by teachers to check for student understanding of the subject as well as to reinforce the lesson’s main themes. They also enable teachers to finish courses fast where students have a solid grasp of the material. This strategy may be helpful in courses like biology and chemistry where extensive memory retention is necessary.

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Embed Humour

Since it increases pupils’ comfort and confidence, humor is crucial in online tutoring. Tutors can influence students’ perceptions of the class by making them laugh and making them feel more relaxed. The use of humor can also help tutors relieve some of their own strain, and studies have even shown that it can improve memory retention.

Requesting Feedback & Using It Constructively

As a tutor, you may find out from your tutee(s) what they believe would make their learning more effective. This aids tutors in understanding how best to support pupils and identifies any potential areas of difficulty. Using “I” statements is crucial in addition to asking students for feedback since they help individuals feel more at ease and demonstrate your want to assist them, which may occasionally be more helpful than pointing out their mistakes.


To aid pupils in learning more efficiently, a variety of tactics and procedures can be employed that successful online tutoring platforms, like SolutionInn, swear by. There is something for everyone, whether it be utilizing technology, a certain approach, or just having a positive relationship with your instructor. What approach do you consider to be the best? Contact us via email or social media to let us know.


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