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Office Journey in 2022

Office Journey in 2022 – To Return or Not to Return?

We have been talking about “work from home” or “remote work” for over two years now. However, the truth is that many of us have just embarked on the journey of working on our terms.

The Great Resignation trend has undoubtedly put employees in a position where they can negotiate over flexible working standards, salaries, and more. On the other hand, employees are working on a variety of different working standards, some of which are mentioned below:

We Are Just Getting Started with RTO

Return to the office is relatively new for some companies. The first two quarters of 2022 have encouraged many companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple to begin implementing programs for return to office (RTO). These companies were the first to announce extended work from home opportunities and permanent remote work positions for their employees.

We Are Currently Engaged in Hybrid Work

There are plenty of companies in the United States following the hybrid work model. The hybrid work standard has proven to be one of the employees’ favorite. Companies have continued with the hybrid work arrangement, which requires them to let the employees work remotely for a few days a week, and from office or on-site the other days.

Resistance and Isolation

About a third of US companies are working towards bringing the pre-pandemic work schedule back into action. The pre-pandemic work norms involve full company strength working from on-site. According to a recent Human Resource Executive Magazine survey, some companies have stiff employees.

This is mainly because employees have experienced the flexibility of working from home. Remote and hybrid work standards have proven to be more effective in work if they have a healthy work and life balance.

For employees with a stable internet service provider at home – working from home only brought good to their lives. Internet service providers like Spectrum with Spectrum Chat offered incredible bundles and customer service to help remote workers do their work efficiently.

The Office Should Be a Valuable Resource for the Employees

There is no going around the fact that work from home is here to stay. However, companies trying to establish programs that focus on return-to-office approaches are in talks. Regardless of where your company is today, whether it wants to continue working from anywhere with flexible standards or begin with the return to office journey, you have to adapt. Companies need to ensure that the office is a valuable resource for the employees, instead of an added source of pressure and stress.

RTO Is Not the Only Option Left

First, you have to remember that return to the office is not the only option left for your business. Instead of focusing on vague and ill-defined benefits of calling your employees back into the office, companies should focus on the employee’s performance and the company’s goals. Some companies only focus on associating return to the office with mere physical approaches. Companies should make an effort to identify employees’ demands and provide them with opportunities for flexible working. Everything boils down to a productive employee and better revenue.

Bottom Line

Companies have started thinking about their return to office journey. You have first to believe in all the right reasons to bring back your employees to the office. Rest; make sure your employees are as excited to return to the office as you are. Think about the standards that bring the best and most productive side out of them, and do not force RTO programs.

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