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Nine Ways To Market Your Instagram Art Account

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You have to be active on Instagram to grow your account and business. Instagram gives visual artists a space to reach globally in the comfort of their homes. The introduction of reels has given artists more space to promote their art. You can buy Instagram Reels likes to get a boost to your art visibility faster. In addition, engagement has become easier for you with Instagram Reels involved.

Becoming an artist is your dream, but you can’t find people interested in your art. Instagram allows you to be an artist and find the right customer for you. Below are nine ways to market your Instagram Art Account and find the best results.

Optimize Your Profile

Having a profile that states why you are here in the first place helps the right people find you. You can use the free Instagram Business account to mention why you are here. Write a short, interesting bio, and put up a good profile picture and an attractive username. For example, choose an art-related username or try mentioning art in the username to let the audience find you easily. These small details increase the aesthetics of your account. 

Follow Your Target Audience

Instagram suggests the potential audience with your liked posts and other details. You can find the best people to follow you through the Instagram Discover People option. These users may be people with similar interests and ready to be your loyal followers. You have to give them a request, and when the notification appears, they click on your profile. If they like what they see, they will give you a follow back.

Follow Your Contact Lists

Instagram curates people through the already present contact list on your phone. Instagram lets you connect with your contact list using the Find Contacts option. You might know them personally but weren’t aware of their account. They might become your potential audience and support you with your venture. You might find real fans and customers from real life through this method.

Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your audience by talking to them, asking for suggestions, and keeping them a part of your work. Having an active audience lets your account gain more promotion. You can also comment on fellow artists’ art and reply to your audience’s comments. You can post polls, questions, and suggestions for connecting with your audience. In addition, collaborating with fellow artists might also gain you a new art friend and help a new audience discover you.

Make Good Content

Reels are a way to make your visual art content more engaging. These reel videos can be behind the scenes or a drawing time lapse. Artists use free Instagram Reels likes trial to gain initial views to take their content to a newer audience. Have a set of contents displayed in your account. Using the story feature to show sneak peeks of your new content will make your audiences wait for the actual posts. Good content will drive traffic to your account, creating visibility for your art brand.

Don’t Over Post

Don’t post more than two times a day. Research has shown that posting more than that will make your posts invisible. Instead, you are being consistent in your content and posting everyday works. You can also schedule your post days and times for better reach. Instagram provides a feature called Insights for free Instagram Business accounts. These Insights help you find your account’s peak busy time, and you can decide on time with those results. Small and carefully planned steps increase your art brand awareness.

Use Hashtags Appropriately

Find artists such as you who uses hashtags to promote their account. Then, make use of those hashtags while posting your art too. Hashtags are the keywords that let the target audience and customers find your profile easily. You can use 8-10 hashtags even though it allows you to use about 30 hashtags. Potential customers can reach out to you quickly with one carefully crafted hashtag.

Reaching Your Art Globally

You can promote your art account globally just by being active on Instagram. You need a massive amount of engaged followers to make it possible. Usage of Instagram Ads, mentioning your Instagram account on your website and business cards will help reach more people. In addition, conduct art campaigns and giveaways, driving traffic to your account. With the above steps followed, you can penetrate the global market.

Discover What Works

Art is a continuous process of learning and growing simultaneously. Try different range of contents and find out what you and your audience like to watch. Find new techniques to make your art look aesthetically pleasing. Keep a close eye on which kind of content benefits you the most and incorporate that method. Finding the right hashtags and the tags that work for you helps target your potential audience.

Wrapping Up 

Impress your art fans in every way possible to get them to buy products from you. Be social and create brand awareness both online and offline. In the internet era, Instagram is a tool that helps you promote your art brand and find your potential customers. Usage of Instagram in the right way will skyrocket your art career.

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