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NFL 23 – Justin Tucker’s ‘Team of the Week 3’ Upgrade!

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NFL 23’s new ‘Team of the Week 3’ (TOTW3) roster is here, and if you’re ever looking for a trusted kicker, an upgraded player card for Baltimore Ravens’ experienced kicker, Justin Tucker, is now up for grabs!

Going back in time, the Purple Murder’s week-3 win against Detroit Lions in 2021 is the foundation for Tucker to be selected, taking his final game-winning 66-yard field goal as the golden moment.

Tucker’s long-range kick was the difference in his team’s 19-17 win, which justifies his inclusion in the latest TOTW.

Tucker’s new player card offers some outstanding attributes like:

(K) Justin Tucker’s ‘Team of the Week 3’ Player Card: OVR 91

  • Kick Power, KPW (Kicking): 92
  • Kick Accuracy, KAC (Kicking): 87
  • Acceleration, ACC (Fake): 71
  • Speed, SPD (Fake): 66
  • Agility, AGI (Fake): 58

Tucker isn’t exactly an outfield player, but he is Baltimore Ravens’ specialist kicker, who’s already made a name for himself in the NFL due to his precise shots.

Tucker can also play as a quarterback or punter, though he does require more training in many aspects of the roles.

Tucker’s new TOTW3 Player Card has a good player trait, though:

  • Clutch: Yes

Tucker can make the difference in matches that are tight in MUT, and that’s why his Auction House prices are quite high (estimate):

  • Xbox: 490,000 MUT Coins
  • PlayStation: 466,000 MUT Coins
  • PC: 450,000 MUT Coins
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That being said, you won’t find many other specialist kickers like him for MUT, so maybe you should consider buying him for your own squad too.

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