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Natural Remedies to Cure your Child’s Fever

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Nothing gets scarier for a parent than seeing their children falling ill. Although this is a natural phenomenon, as a child’s immune system is still building, this can be very worrisome and troubling for a young parent. Before you rush to the hospital, here are some natural remedies you can try for your child to help calm the fever.

  1.       Adjusting their diet immediately

I remember once when I was about 8 I got this terrible fever that would not come off even after 1 month of consistent treatment. Since I was young and the only child and of course I was also severely ill, I asked for candies and sweets to help the aftertaste of bitter medicines. One time my fever became so bad that I was admitted to the social security hospital. An emergency doctor checked me and told my mother that I need something highly nutrient-dense in my stomach before I lose complete control over my gut health. This little declaration itself was quite terrifying for my mother and hence I was introduced to bone broth, vegetable soups, and grilled fatty fish. Mind you I could not have any sweets for the next 4 months!

  1.       Apple cider bath

Usually, ice-cold baths are recommended once the fever gets out of control. However, according to the old Indian remedy, an apple cider bath helps young toddlers with their fever in a more effective manner. An ice bath may put the child at the risk of catching a cold whereas an ACV bath will bring down the temperature immediately. There is still adequate research required behind why this is so effective especially for young children, but this still happens to be one of the most popular natural remedies to help your child. All you have to do is prepare a warm bath and add one full cup of apple cider vinegar. Make sure your bath is half full. Be mindful that ACV needs to be heavily diluted and is acidic in nature and it can affect the eyes of your child.

  1.       Herbal tea 

Who knew herbal tea can help young children in the same manner as adults. Only that it may not help adults with their fevers as much as it can do with toddlers. You see their immune system is developing and the antioxidant properties only help their immune system hold the fight against invading pathogens even more. Please know that not all kinds of teas are recommended for children as some of them can be strong and unable their gut health. chamomile tea is a great soothing formula for children. It can help their tummy and help with their congested airways. To help that taste make sure to add a little bit of honey in the tea and use small spoons to make them drink it or to put it in their milk bottles after cooling it down a bit.

  1.       Probiotics

When a child is going through a fever, their immune system is heavily engaged which is why often toddlers throw up soon after eating something. To help strengthen their stomach a dose of probiotics supplements are required every single day. This will also prevent their upset tummy. Regular use of probiotics will help them retain their strength and have a healthy immunity against future diseases. However, you need to consult with a pediatrician first to understand what kind of probiotics will suit your child. Please know that sometimes probiotics do not suit young children, so in that case, look for another remedy of medicine that will help your child.

  1.       Fruit popsicles

Children love popsicles whether they are sick or not. When I was sick, I would often get this little treat from a very sweet doctor on every visit and being a good girl. The treat would always be a fruit popsicle (of course with a different flavor every time). The popsicle made me feel better whenever I was high on fever. This is a recommended act when your child is running with a mild temperature. In very high fever a child is more likely to throw. However you can still try this method to help with cooling down the body as well as making your little one happy!

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There are many other ways you can help control the temperature of your child. If you have any remedies or ideas that will work, please share them in the comment section below.

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