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Market your Pumpkin Carving Contest in 4 Easy Steps

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Like any holiday, Halloween brings its own markers. From candy apples to the most outrageous costumes and house decorations to the ritual of Halloween movies and scary stories, each one has its own special place. But if there’s one that truly stands out above the rest, it’s without a doubt the act of carving pumpkins. 

Fun, sweet, and an excuse for friends and family to gather, pumpkin carving brings the Halloween spirit and joins it with all things good – which is why hosting a pumpkin carving contest is probably the best idea of the season! 

In fact, there are so many different pumpkin carving contests going on, you’re going to have to do more than just secure the prettiest – or scariest! – pumpkins to make sure that there’s an impressive turnout. Yes, that’s right, you’re going to have to do a bit of promotion about your pumpkin carving contest and make it a hot topic.

Here’s how you can spread the word about your pumpkin carving contest:

  • Talk all about Pumpkins on Instagram!

We’re living in digital times, and while Halloween may be all about a visit to folklore and ghost stories of the past, there’s just no escaping the influence of technology. In fact, that’s where you’ll find most Halloween enthusiasts, sharing their preparations and spooky season traditions on Instagram, and it’s the perfect place to advertise your pumpkin carving contest. 

Start by creating a profile for your contest – go with a catchy name – and make sure to add your contest’s details in the bio including date, time, and a registration link. Once your pumpkin profile is all set up, then it comes to the content, and if you’re only creative when it comes to carving pumpkins, then PosterMyWall’s modern Instagram post templates will save your back! 

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Ready-made and easily customizable, you won’t have to spend hours laboring on creating posts from scratch. And since the platform is free to use, it’s perfect if the budget is tight! Be sure to pair your posts with SEO-optimized captions and trending hashtags, and you’ll soon see the registrations rolling in! 

  • Send Out E-invites

Nothing says welcome like a personalized invite, and a great way to guarantee attendance at your pumpkin carving contest is by sending out custom e-invites to people in your locality.

Start by compiling a list of emails or social media IDs and writing a sweet but short message to accompany your invite – think pumpkin puns and Halloween jokes. And as for the actual invite, just head over to PosterMyWall and select a design from the dozens of pumpkin carving contest invitation templates available on their website. With a design selected, all you have to do is make some minor edits and send them out!

  • Make Pumpkin Posters

It’s been said before and it needs to be said again, posters are an unbeatable aspect of marketing strategies, and with the right ones, you can guarantee that your pumpkin carving contest will be a hit! 

Hold on, don’t shy away because designing isn’t your forte because PosterMyWall comes prepared with a hoard of pumpkin and Halloween themed posters, perfect for your contest! Simply head onto their website, select a couple of designs you like, make your edits and customizations, and voila – you’ve got posters for days!

And the best part is that since they’re all digital you can easily print out the posters and paste them around town, or you can send them online through emails and your social media handles, giving you the best of both worlds. 

  • Enlist a Local Celebrity!
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Of course, if you want to make things a little fancier and more exciting, then inviting a local celebrity to your pumpkin contest is a no-brainer! Not only will it pull in a crowd, but you’ll also be able to generate publicity through the celebrity’s own channels, such as their Instagram page. 

Since it’s a pumpkin carving contest, you can choose to invite a local celebrity chef, an artist, or maybe even a theatre enthusiast who could add to the mood with renditions of scary stories! In the end, have the celebrity judge the competition, making it a perfect end to an evening full of pumpkin carving. 

So, if you’re looking to generate some hype about your pumpkin carving contest, then these tips and tricks are just the way to go about it. Be sure to bring your Halloween spirit and sharpest tools. Happy pumpkin carving!

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