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Love in Adversity: Five Feet Apart

Love in Adversity: Five Feet Apart

The romantic movie makes people happy or sad, but it also makes them want to pursue love. There are a lot of romantic movies, such as The Holiday, Five Feet Apart, and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Following is the storyline of Five Feet Apart, and it is one of the movies like How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days i enjoy so much.

Young Stella Grant, also known as Isabella, and Will Newman both suffer from cystic fibrosis (CF), a progressive genetic disease that damages organs and makes patients susceptible to infection. Due to immune system damage, they must maintain a distance of at least six feet between each other. Stra is a meticulous girl. She seeks to control her daily life, strictly abide by the medicine, and follow the doctor’s instructions.

On the other hand, Will is a cynical rebel with stern predictions. He took a more carefree approach to treatment, which frustrated Stra. Will participated in a drug test because he was infected with Bacillus capacity, but his condition made him ineligible for Lung transplantation. Stra has been waiting for a Lung transplantation for a long time.

When Stra discovers that Will has neglected his treatment, she tries to help him. In return, Will requested permission to draw a photo of her. Will began to watch Stra’s social media videos, and gradually they began to treat together. Despite their growing love for each other, they cannot violate the six-foot rule. Stra’s G tube was infected, and she underwent replacement surgery. Will learns that Stra has been caring for her sister Abby, who died in a daring stunt a year ago. Knowing that Abby is gone, Stra must face the operation alone, bearing the survivors’ guilt. After hearing the news of Abby’s death, Will decided to accompany Stra and sang the song Abby used to sing before her operation.

When Will left the operation preparation room of Stra, he was caught by nurse Barb, who shared a warning story about two CF patients. They fell in love, broke the six-foot rule, and finally polluted each other, leading to their death. Will realized that his love for Stra was so deep that he didn’t want to endanger her health. He told her that he would never see her again. Stra becomes frustrated and angry but finally plans to meet Will. Will is determined to take back CF and take her foot. She held a five-foot-long club to ensure accurate distance between them.

On Will’s birthday, Poe, Stra’s best friend and another CF patient died. To resist CF, Stella and Will decided to leave the hospital to see the lights Stella had been longing to see. When they were away, Stra received a text message informing her that a Lung transplantation was in progress, but she ignored it.

When they returned to the hospital, Stra fell into an icy pond. Will, who was dying, put his hand into the water and pulled her out. Regardless of the danger of saliva contact, he performed Cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save her life. Stra survived, and they were taken back to the hospital. Will was worried that he might have infected Stella with Bacillus capacity through Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but miraculously, she did not have an infection during the successful Lung transplantation. Meanwhile, Will found that the drug trials he participated in were not effective for him.

When Stella was still under anesthesia after the transplant, her parents, Will’s mother, nurses, and doctors helped Will install lights outside Stella’s room. Realizing that he might infect Stra, Will made a final farewell to Stra and admitted his love for her. Before leaving, he gave her his sketchbook, filled with drawings he had drawn for her and her friends during their stay in the hospital.

In Harry Winston How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, the necklace is the token of love; in this movie, although there are no tokens, their understanding, and support for each other are the driving force behind their survival. There are many similar movies like How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, if you want to discover more, welcome to reelsimilar! ,more movies on and


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