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Lost Ark 1-50 Complete Leveling Guide: How Earn XP Fast?

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In Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date, as in many other MMORPGs, there are certain advantages to leveling up quickly and reaching the endgame as soon as possible as opposed to waiting until later. The completion of Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Una’s tasks for daily rewards will become available to you once you reach level 50. Among the other advantages are less populated Islands, which makes obtaining their Island Tokens easier, as well as less contested Life Skill nodes. When focusing on efficiency, you can expect to spend 9-12 hours to reach max level in Lost Ark Guild System; however, depending on your class choice and previous experience, this time can vary significantly.

Disclaimer: This guide is written with the assumption that you are willing to skip the majority of the side objectives in order to reach level 50 as quickly as possible. In the event that you have already reached level 50, please see the post-level 50 guide. If you’re looking for a more advanced guide, try the Speedrun to Tier 3 Walkthrough.

Getting Things Started
1. Create a Character Preset for your characters.
If you’re the type of person who spends a long time perfecting their appearance during character creation, you can create a preset and use it as a base foundation for all of your other characters. Easily create a fully customized character and save it to any of the five preset slots on the left-hand side of the screen. Alternatively, you can copy the files located in “steam/steamapps/common/Lost Ark Live/EFGame/Customizing” to ensure that this preset does not get lost.

2. Select a Course of Study
You will be transported to Trixion after you have created your character, where you will cross the bridge and interact with the Prophecy Book. Select your subclass and proceed to the Testing Area. When you’re finished, click on the End Test button in the bottom right corner to finalize your class selection and begin your journey! If you haven’t decided on a class yet, you can get a general idea of what each one is like by reading our Class Overview.

3. Do not read the Prologue
You can save approximately 20 minutes by skipping the Prologue. Once you’ve arrived in Trua, the Forgotten Land, you’ll find the option to do so in the top left corner of your screen shortly after arriving. It is not necessary to be concerned about missing out on the Arthetinean Engineer’s Goggles Chest (Headpiece skin) as a reward for successfully completing the Prologue. If the Goggles are left inside the chest, they can be obtained by creating a new character and then traded between any class archetype in your shared warehouse. Following the unboxing of the skin, there are some restrictions:


  • They can only be obtained once per account on the server that you are currently playing on
  • Characters belonging to the same class archetype (Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, Assassin) can only trade with other characters belonging to the same class archetype
  • Gone are the days when you could trade male version goggles for female versions and vice versa
  • In this case, the terms Striker (male martial artist) and Gunslinger (female gunner) refer to the respective genders of the characters 

4. The most optimal route for leveling
Getting to level 50 in Lost Ark is a straightforward process. Simply following your Main Quest line and ignoring every other quest type you encounter is all that Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date takes to complete this task successfully. After returning from the mission of saving Prideholme from the demon attack. Open your quest journal (J) and select Learning About Pets from the list of Guide Quests at the bottom of the page. Completing Lost Ark Guild System will grant you access to a pet that will loot your belongings for you. Once you’ve completed East Luterra and placed your character in the Sea of Gienah, you should hide your Finding the Arks Main Quest because Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date won’t be relevant for a long time. Equip the sailor Eshu and follow the World Quest that will take you to Tortoyk instead of the other way around.

These will serve as your new Main Quests from here on out, so pay attention.
Optimization of the leveling system
Several changes could make the leveling experience more efficient and pleasurable, for example. We’ll go over the most important topics to ensure that this occurs successfully.

Efficacy in skill application
You only have a limited number of powerful skills available to you early in the game, so don’t waste them on individual monsters. For maximum efficiency, group enemies together and use Area of Effect (AoE) skills to kill them all at once.

Channels that are overcrowded
When participating in quests that require monster killing or resource gathering, make sure you are not in an overcrowded channel. You will save valuable time by not having to wait for objectives to respawn in this manner. Change channels by selecting them from the dropdown menu above your minimap.

Potions for Rejuvenation
Avoid using HP Potions when leveling because they will only restore a percentage of your life and not the entire amount.
These are extremely valuable because they are the only potions that you are permitted to bring into endgame raiding encounters. Apprentice Healing Potions, which heal you for a set amount over time and are easily obtained through leveling up, should instead be used instead.

Dungeons in the Normal Mode
Main Story Dungeons will be encountered, with both Normal and Hard difficulty settings. When leveling, make sure to select Normal Mode. They take significantly less time to complete and provide the same amount of experience as Hard Modes do lost ark gold. Run through these dungeons only once! Because your gear will change frequently and quickly while leveling, it is not necessary to repeat them in order to obtain additional loot.
They are easily Soloed and do not require matchmaking, which is a nice feature. Because enemy health scales with party size, this is typically the fastest method, despite the fact that the dungeons are harder and take longer to complete.

The Song of Evasion
Teleporting to the nearest Triport after completing a dungeon is the best way to get to your next Main Quest for almost the entire world of Rethramis, Yudia, West and East Luterra. If the Main Quest continues outside of the dungeon after you have completed it in Tortyok and onwards, use Song of Escape after you have completed Lost Ark Guild System.

Don’t go overboard
Raw monster kills result in almost no experience points. Once your quests are completed, you should only do the bare minimum to complete them and then move on. Monsters that have been killed by other players can still be tagged and count towards your quest objectives. Make use of this to finish your quests more quickly.

Make use of your energy spikes
When you reach certain level thresholds, you will have enough skill points to fully develop one or more of your abilities to their maximum potential. This significantly increases the power of those skills and makes your progression through the game a lot less difficult to accomplish. Check out our build guides if you want to learn more about the abilities that are recommended for your specific class while leveling.

Accessory devices
From level 18 onwards, one of your most significant sources of damage while leveling comes from your accessories. Always make sure to equip them as soon as you receive your first set of tools! Accessories that have Crit and Specialization are the best choice.

Items for Use in Combat
Combat Items are given to you as you level up to help you progress further in your game. Make no apprehensions about employing Offensive Combat Items against difficult opponents. Swiftness Robes can be used to travel long distances before obtaining your first mount, as well as inside dungeons for long distance travel. The Flame Grenade, Flash Grenade, Clay Grenade, Electric Grenade, and Frost Grenade are all useful for bringing down the final boss of a dungeon or any monster with a high hitpoint count. They can also be used to bring down any monster with a high hitpoint count.

Life skills are important
Your introduction to Life Skills will take place in Lakebar (West Luttera). While they are an important part of the late game of Lost Ark, they should be ignored during the leveling process because they do not contribute significantly to the overall experience. Early on, logging and mining are the most profitable activities because they provide materials for the advancement of your ships and stronghold. Forgetting about excavating and foraging is the best option later on because Lost Ark Engravings Upgrade Guide provides items that are useful for raiding and gearing up.

Few pointers and tricks

  • Always dismantle old equipment that you are no longer using to make room in your inventory
  • Equipment that has been broken down and is still usableThe same amount is received for each piece when sold to an NPC, and each piece only takes up a single slot in your inventory
  • Make use of your hotbars
  • Emotes, songs, and mounts can all be assigned to your Hotbar for quick access by dragging them into the appropriate slot on your screen
  • Using your overlay map, you can travel directly to Triports by holding down the alt key and left-clicking on the Triport of your choice
  • When Triports are not accessible, prepare for long-distance travel by mounting up
  • If you find yourself exiting the game on a regular basis, using autorun can be extremely beneficial
  • By default, the autorun key is the letter T
  • Rapport NPCs will require you to use all of your 5 Emotes and 5 Songs
  • While in the Sea, you can create auto-paths to any location by holding down the alt key and clicking on the map
  • By repeating the action, this pathing can be extended up to four times in length
  • The act of picking up barrels while traveling through the sea recharges the space bar boost of your ship
  • Remember to pick them up if they are in your path of travel, but don’t go out of your way to find them
  • The Port can be reached by opening your World Map (M) and pressing the Ready to Sail button in the bottom left of the screen, which can be found anywhere within a Continent
  • To move your overlay map around, click on it with Mouse 3, hold it down, and drag it

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