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List of Top 10 IT Consulting Companies In New York

Any startup or enterprise can be successful in the long run without partnering with an IT consulting firm and finding ways to leverage next-gen technologies. New York is the first city that comes to mind when discussing the top IT consulting firms.

IT consultant in New York is trusted by every company to handle networking issues, cyber security issues, technology integration, etc. A successful business depends upon IT consulting firms to provide on-time business solutions.

If you are looking for Consulting Services in New York, then you have come to the right place. Listed here are the top IT Consulting company in NYC providing services globally. After reading the following information carefully, you can decide whether to work with an IT consulting firm or not.

1. Appinventiv

Launched in 2015, Appinventiv is one of the leading IT consulting companies in the US that has made its mark in the industry. With a team of over 1200 experts, the firm excels in delivering top-notch IT consulting services that are not only tailored to meet your specific business needs but also geared towards achieving the highest levels of performance and efficiency. 

Their comprehensive range of solutions vary across the likes of Information Technology Consulting, Risk Assessment, Compliance, Process Optimization, Project Management, Core Technology Modernization, Architecture, and Security. Being a renowned IT consulting company in the US, their comprehensive approach further ensures that your business remains competitive, adaptable, and primed for maximum returns on the investment.

2. RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax Inc. is one of the network’s leading IT consulting companies in NYC, USA. Since its inception, they have been offering IT consulting services to businesses in NYC and worldwide. The IT company has maintained a large and impressive portfolio of services to clients & known for its professionalism. 

The team at RisingMax Inc. has skilled professionals with practical experience in the latest technologies. The company adopts a cutting-edge strategy to leverage businesses for long-term results. The company’s commitment to transparency helps in building lasting relationships with customers. The rest can be found on Google and can provide valuable information about a company’s reputation.

3. Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is another well-known IT & Web3 consulting company worldwide. The company employs software developers with vast experience who provide IT consulting services of the highest caliber to its customers. The team members strive to assist customers in all price ranges.

The staff members are animated, enthusiastic, and friendly. The company’s biggest resource for growth is its highly qualified workforce. And the committed team at Suffescom Solutions does a great job of establishing its reputation as a company that people can trust blindly. The business provides services such as networking solutions, IT consulting, technical support, development, and the creation of personalized apps.

4. The Boston Consulting Group

The next best company to hire IT consultants is Boston Consulting Group. BCG is renowned for its business strategy that maintains customer satisfaction. BCG works to enable companies to expand and outperform the competition.

The company employs many talented individuals to provide state-of-the-art consulting services. BCG wants to improve the world by addressing business technology needs. Risk management, provision, and operation of state-of-the-art equipment, maintenance services etc, are all included in the company’s services.

5. PwC

PwC ranks fourth in the list for offering quality technology consultancy services at a reasonable cost. The business provides services such as IT strategy consulting and cyber security. The company’s team consists of young individuals with state-of-the-art knowledge and capabilities. Prioritizing customer needs and concerns helps the company to maintain them over time.

No matter how difficult the task, PwC always gives great answers. Now a global brand, the company. By providing timely services, team members work to win over customers. Positive comments abound.

6. Booz Allen Hamilton

Next on our list of top IT consulting companies in New York is Booz Allen Hamilton, a well-known NYC-based company. Booz Allen Hamilton has been around for a while and has experience with how the IT consulting services trend has changed over time. Due to its in-depth industry knowledge, the company’s client base has many big names.

The company has tech-savvy IT experts who provide first-class consulting services. The company has state-of-the-art equipment and software to help IT companies maximize their time. Whether you are a well-known company or a start-up, all customers get the same level of care from the organization. Through references from satisfied customers, the company grows its business when it adopts the proper professional approach.


Renowned IT consulting company KPMG set a new benchmark for other recognized companies in the consulting services sector. It employs more than 2300 people, all officers in their respective fields. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated equipment to deliver the customers results they are looking for.

The business provides financial services, cloud storage, development services, data management, healthcare automation, and other services. The company has worked with a wide variety of customers around the world. The IT company makes a great effort to provide what the customers want while never sacrificing quality.

8. Accenture

Next on our top 10 IT consulting companies in the network is Accenture. The New York office has over 2000 employees. The business is renowned for its top-of-the-line operational, IT consulting, digital, cloud, and security services. The company delivers unmatched results with its sophisticated and intelligent working method.

The knowledgeable IT experts consistently provide their clients with the services they promised. To meet the deadlines on time, the workforce works tirelessly. The customers get complete IT support from the company from start to finish. The IT company values customers’ time and seeks their most candid feedback.

9. EY Consulting

EY Consulting is a renowned IT Consulting firm that provides premium services to loyal clients. By providing dependable services on time and at an affordable cost, the company has earned the trust of its customers. The team members in the company put in a lot of effort to create something unique and impressive every time. The company provides services in various industries, including technology, management, finance, etc.

To beat their competitors, experts work hard to deliver groundbreaking business solutions. The business’s existing customers are pleased with the level of service and raise the company’s profile by providing complimentary commentary. To meet the customers’ expectations, the company has no problem changing its working practices and technology. EY Consulting has helped many companies to increase their revenue.

10. Imagis

Imagis, a Microsoft Gold partner, provides avant-garde cloud solutions for businesses with scattered teams and tight regulations.

With the help of contemporary technologies, the team of support experts, engineers, security analysts, and cloud architects can build secure, compliant environments that promote worker productivity, engagement, and scalability. They are proficient in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Experience your digital transformation in a streamlined, zero-trust, and infrastructure-light environment, which reduces costs and enhances the overall technology experience.

Wrapping Up

Want to stand out among your rivals? Then, assistance from experienced and knowledgeable IT consulting companies in Chicago or NYC is recommended. However, choosing the best can be challenging when there are multiple options. That’s why we brought you the list of top IT consulting firms in NYC after deep research and market analysis. Now it is easier for you to choose the best one as per your business needs and requirements. Selecting the one from the shortlisted companies will save you a lot of time and effort.