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LEGO Builder's Journey

LEGO Builder’s Journey A Charming Puzzle Game LEGO Star Wars

Unbelievably, video games based on LEGOs have been available for purchase for more than twenty years. While there were other games in the 1990s that focused on building and adventure, LEGO took off with licenced titles like LEGO Star Wars, establishing the business as a household name in the video game industry. Other games in the 1990s also focused on construction and adventure. There are still videogames available with a LEGO theme, such as Light Brick Studio’s LEGO Builder’s Journey. This trend has not come to a stop.

LEGO Builder’s Journey was first made available to the public in 2019 via Apple Arcade. Since then, the game has been ported to a number of other platforms, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 being the most recent additions. The player of this game of geometric puzzles moves quickly from one obstacle to the next, utilising LEGO bricks to pave a path to the game’s ultimate goal. As the player continues through the game, a beautiful and enigmatic narrative will be revealed.

Playing LEGO Builder’s Journey makes it physically hard to maintain an anxious state of mind. Due to the fact that the puzzles are quite easy to complete and have a pleasant aesthetic, this makes for an excellent pick-me-up for when the player needs a break from the monotony of their daily routine. Because of the game’s isometric camera viewpoint, it is somewhat reminiscent to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which is a fascinating puzzle game.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is an original LEGO experience in comparison to the LEGO games that are now the most popular on the market, but it does an excellent job of capturing the spirit of LEGO. This game will appeal more to those who are familiar with LEGO as a product that fosters creative expression than it will to people who are familiar with LEGO’s most recent cross-brand monsters.

In contrast to the slapstick humour and general mayhem that was present in past LEGO endeavours, the tone of LEGO Builder‘s Journey is more emotive. This video game features a personal narrative that appears to be a reflection of the plot of The Lego Movie. The game also features a true heart that makes its way through the larger, wordless journey. Absolutely no downsides exist.

The fact that the gameplay is so tough, requiring the user to utilise a restricted amount of LEGO bricks in order to overcome obstacles and direct their avatar through the exit gate, is certainly useful. Even if the restrictions of the game’s structure may become obvious at some points, the game nevertheless challenges the player’s ingenuity and originality, particularly as they go through the game. In the meanwhile, the user can design their own models using the Creative Mode functionality.

In addition, LEGO Builder’s Journey is a visual treat because of its brilliant colours and expertly created stages. This attribute contributes to the overall appeal of the game. Even though the player moves through a variety of settings, LEGO Builder’s Journey makes an effort to maintain a constant tone throughout the game. The character animations in this game are excellent, which is surprising given that none of the characters have faces. The movement of the fundamental blocks alone is all that is needed to communicate the emotional undertone.

However, despite all of this, LEGO Builder’s Journey is not a flawless video game. It suffers from a number of flaws in its design, the most notable of which are an overly straightforward control system and a rotating isometric camera that does not always prove to be as beneficial as it may be. Similar to Kombinera, it is a straightforward game, but its simplicity is not always to its advantage.

The LEGO Builder’s Journey is an experience that is entertaining in its entirety. It has been thoughtfully designed to provide a relaxing environment, making it an ideal refuge for anyone who enjoy solving puzzles. In spite of the fact that it is simple, this is the kind of game that gives players the option to turn it on and off whenever they choose.

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