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LeadRocks Appsumo

LeadRocks Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69] | Best Leads For Your Necessities Simply a Ticks

The LeadRocks Appsumo Arrangement gives the best prompts for your necessities with only a couple of snaps. This is a restricted time offer; you’ll gain admittance to every one of the features and advantages of LeadRocks for a lifetime. Wait, don’t as well; join now!

As a business-to-business organization, you ought to continuously be keeping watch for new possible clients. However, how might you track down these individuals?

Assuming you’re searching for great leads that match your interest group, attempt our effort instrument. It just requires a couple of moments to begin.

Meet with: LeadRocks Appsumo Lifetime Deal

What is LeadRocks?

LeadRocks is a B2B contact data set with 100M+ records, messages, telephone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles. Excellent leads for your hyper-designated effort are only a couple of snaps away!

This B2B contact data set is one of the most encouraging, with legitimate contacts that save time.

A solid business-to-business contact data set containing more than 100 million records, including email, telephone number, and LinkedIn profile data.

Leads can be looked at by work title, organization name, URL, area, or industry. Looking by group size is additionally a choice.

All information has been gathered from genuine and approved sources.

Transfer your CSV record into your CRM or any computerization instrument to capitalize on your possibilities.

Option To:

  • Salesforce

Best for

  • Promoting organizations
  • Selection representatives
  • Project supervisors


  • Chrome
  • LinkedIn

LeadRocks furnishes its clients with a smoothed-out lead age process. However, the real benefit of this instrument is the precision of the information, which assists in accelerating the interaction.

On the off chance that you’re searching for duplicate and exceptional B2B contacts, LeadRocks is the best device out there. Simple to utilize and gives reliable data can help you close more arrangements and develop your business.

LeadRocks Lifetime Arrangement Features

LeadRocks is a state-of-the-art information enhancement device that furnishes clients with an abundance of solid features. By utilizing LeadRocks, organizations can take their information investigation. And also, enhancement endeavors higher than ever in complexity and precision.

Our information is obtained from just authority and lawful sources, guaranteeing that your outreach group approaches the most cutting-edge and checked data. Drive your deals higher than ever with our constantly refreshed and limited information.

LeadRocks Advancement

LinkedIn profile URLs can be transferred en masse by tapping the “Add Association” button on the right half of the “My Organization” tab, then, at that point, choosing “Transfer a rundown.”

Extricate email locations and telephone numbers from our data set for each profile in your rundown.

Save your outcomes in LeadRocks or send out your enhanced rundown to a CSV record.

LeadRocks Records

You can save your query items to another rundown for future reference.

Putting together your contact rundown can be helpful concerning proficiency and efficiency. Having a coordinated rundown of contacts available can be beneficial in different circumstances.

The information should be stored in LeadRocks to guarantee effective and exact announcing if data should be sent out to a CSV. However, the cycle should be followed to ensure no information is lost.

To take advantage of your CSV document, transfer it into your CRM or any robotization instrument you use for prospecting. This will assist you with accelerating the cycle and keeping your information coordinated.

LeadRocks Prospecting

You can look for leads given occupation title, organization name, URL, area, or industry. Moreover, you can utilize one channel or numerous channels to limit your hunt.

Search for our ideas or enter a custom incentive for more similar pursuits.

Open your messages and telephone numbers with only a single tick.

Why would it be a good idea for you to pick LeadRocks?

LeadRocks is a vital information enhancement instrument and scrubber with straightforward but powerful features. However, it appears simple but can hard drive the entire lead age process for you.

LeadRocks Appsumo

  • Incredibly easy to use:
  • The right pool of sifting standards:
  • Serious Help:
  • Wellbeing:
  • New and genuine information:

How do LeadRocks function?

LeadRocks is a reliable B2B contact data set that can assist you with reaching out to more than 100 million likely leads. With exact data available, you can put forth designated outreach attempts that are bound to bring about progress.


To track down top-notch leads, drill somewhere around work title, area, organization name, industry, and group size. Pull precise and noteworthy contact information for your prospecting needs.

Profoundly dependable B2B contact data set

Incorporating enhanced information into your CRMs or computerization devices has never been simpler.

Utilize your extra time shrewdly and center around dealings.


Confirm your messages inside the LeadRocks dashboard for further developed marketing projections. Downloading the outcomes to a CSV document considers a simple effort.

Information advancement

Do you have a rundown of LinkedIn accounts you might want to target? Assuming this is the case, essentially transfer your document here, and we will furnish you with all the essential data we have.

Email outreach robotization

With EmailOctopus, you can make customized email crusades with booked subsequent meet-ups, groupings for cold effort, deals, onboarding, sustaining, or your image advertising efforts.

Track your mission’s presentation progressively with LeadRocks’ examination apparatuses. LeadRocks will store the consequences of your mission in your dashboard, or you can send out the information to a CSV.

LeadRocks Pricing Plans

Lead age can be a complex and tedious interaction; however, by utilizing an essential information improvement instrument and scrubber. However, you can rearrange and smooth your lead age process without any problem. This will save you significant time and assets and assist you with creating more designated and qualified leads.

LeadRocks Appsumo

Free Arrangement $0/mo:

  • Limitless clients
  • 50 month-to-month credits
  • Advancement
  • Messages and telephone numbers
  • LinkedIn scratching augmentation

Starter Plan $29/mo:

  • 1,000 month-to-month credits
  • Improvement
  • Limitless clients
  • Messages and telephone numbers
  • LinkedIn scratching augmentation

Development Plan $145/mo:

  • Advancement
  • 5,000 month-to-month credits
  • Limitless clients
  • Messages and telephone numbers
  • LinkedIn scratching augmentation

Well thought out Plan $290/mo:

  • Advancement
  • 10,000 month-to-month credits
  • Limitless clients
  • Messages and telephone numbers
  • LinkedIn scratching expansion

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Closing Thought

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