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Labels and Their Influence on Consumer Decisions

Consumers must understand what is in the food products they purchase in order to adopt a well-balanced, nutritious diet. More significantly, allergy sufferers must ensure that they are not purchasing something that might be uncomfortable or, in some situations, dangerous, even fatal. Labels are critical for transmitting such crucial information, but do consumers know what to look for in them? Do they comprehend everything they find?

The need to advise and protect consumers is the most critical factor for any food labeling legislation.

Label information is helpful for consumers when choosing the product that is suitable for their convenience, taste, and health. Product manufacturers rely heavily on labels to convey important details about their products, such as the ingredients, directions of use, how they should be stored and for how long, and differentiate their products from their competitors.

Manufacturers are legally required to convey specific information to customers, whether it is printed on the packaging or on labels attached to food products.

Primary Product Information

The name given to a product should not be deceptive or ambiguous. It must include or be complemented by information about the food’s physical state or any treatments it has undergone, such as freezing and smoking.

The manufacturer’s name and address should be on the label. The net quantity of packed goods, as well as any particular storage requirements and directions for use, should also be clearly stated on the label.

List of Ingredients

Consumers who are on a weight-loss or medically-prescribed diet, or those with allergies, may be particularly interested in the components used to manufacture a food product. All contents must be mentioned in descending order of weight, with the substances used in the highest amounts appearing first.

Because of a recent change in the legislation, each component of a compound ingredient (an ingredient made up of several separate elements) must now be identified (except if it is already mentioned as an ingredient on its own).

On labels, categories of components such as oil, cheese, and vegetables are no longer adequate; the precise type of oil, cheese, or vegetables must now be mentioned. With no exception, known allergies must be labeled.

All laws controlling additives, sweeteners, flavorings, and foods or food ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms have specific labeling requirements.

Expiration Dates

Is the food you purchase fresh for consumption? Check the expiration date on the product label. Food products are required by the law to have a “use by” or “best before” date. These two phrases have different meanings.

  • The “best before” date signifies the minimum durability or the period in which the food product maintains its unique properties when stored under suitable conditions. To put it another way, a food product with an expired “best before” date may still be safe to consume, but the company no longer guarantees the product’s organoleptic characteristics such as smell and flavor.
  • The “use by” date appears on extremely perishable commodities that, from a microbiological standpoint, may constitute a health risk if not used within a specified time frame. These foods, such as ready-to-eat salads, must have a “use by” date beyond which they should not be consumed.

Furthermore, the manufacturer should describe how the product should be stored to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible, such as at or below a specified temperature.

Important Note: If You Sell Products

It is your responsibility to create labels that not only increase the consumers’ desire to purchase but also use these informational tools to further education. Make it a priority to develop professional, great-looking labels that help buyers make the right decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.



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