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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Know What are the Five Best Coding Bootcamps 2022?

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We are living at a time when skills are given more weight than a college degree. Traditionally, students had to become college grads and then look for jobs to step into the corporate world. Fast forward to today, online education has become more prominent and there are many alternatives you can take to start a career in any field. If you are interested to become a software engineer, then you can take an online coding Bootcamp. Such a coding course is a short-term rigorous training program designed to give you job-ready skills. Many of the professionals who do not hold a computer science degree are now enrolling in such Bootcamps and becoming eligible for a software developer role. 

Contrary to college degrees where the curriculum might not get updated frequently, coding Bootcamps cover all the latest technologies that software companies use. Knowledge of industry-standard tools coupled with practical learning is what makes coding Bootcamps so attractive for aspirants. Moreover, their cost is quite economical compared to a university program. If you didn’t know about coding Bootcamps till now, you must not be aware of the top training providers whose Bootcamps are worth trying. 

So, in this article, we have listed down the five best coding Bootcamps that you can consider when starting your software development journey.  

Let’s get started!

Post Graduate Full Stack Web Development Program 

Training Provider – Simplilearn in collaboration with Caltech CTME

Mode of Learning – Online 

Course Duration – 9 months 

Description: This intensive 9-months program by Simplilearn helps you ace advanced coding techniques and master the front and back end of software development. Dive into most important coding topics like HTML5, CSS3, Servlets, JSP, SOAP, REST, JavaScript ES6, Hibernate, AWS, and DevOps with this full-stack web development program. Along with applied learning, you will work on over 25 hands-on projects and sandboxed labs, and a capstone project. You can also leverage the Simplilearn JobAssist program to look for a new career. 

At the end of this program, you will be awarded a Caltech CTME Post Graduate certificate and earn up to 25 continuing education units.

Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp

Training Provider – Hack Reactor 

Mode of Learning – Online 

Course Duration – 12 weeks

Description: Enroll in this live online coding Bootcamp if you want to become a software engineer who can tackle unique and unfamiliar problems and build complex applications. You will gain in-demand technical skills, the ability to work independently, and communication skills. There are hundreds of hours of problems included in the Bootcamp that you can work on and prepare for success in technical interviews. Cutting-edge technologies like React, ES6, Full-Stack JavaScript, and computer science fundamentals are covered in the program to help you build a strong foundation in this domain. 

By the end of this in-depth course, you will be able to set real-world expectations and launch your web development career. 

Web Development Bootcamp 

Training Provider – Iron Hack

Mode of Learning – Offline/Online 

Course Duration – 9 weeks full-time/24 weeks part-time

Description: Take out 50 hours for Iron Hack’s coding Bootcamp and its prep material will give you a clear understanding of programming fundamentals with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The instructor-led sessions include a mix of lecture, demos, and short checks for understanding. Some of the important topics covered in the program are responsive design with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, back-end methodologies for full-stack MERN development, and front-end methodologies like ReactJS, component-based frameworks, and single page apps.

Ironhack also offers Careerhack – a career service program to help students identify their ideal outcome and land their dream job in tech. 

Live Online Coding Bootcamp

Training Provider – Fullstack Academy 

Mode of Learning – Online 

Course Duration – 17 to 28 weeks 

Description: Fullstack Academy’s live online coding Bootcamp is known for its project-based structure and award-winning curriculum. With experienced instructors, outstanding projects, and in-depth career services, you will gain all the skills needed to get hired for a software engineer role. The syllabus is divided into three phases – foundation, junior phase, and senior phase. Some of the important concepts you will go through are advanced JavaScript closure, front-end development, databases, back-end development, building components of a web application from scratch, build a mobile application, and more. 

Lastly, you will work on a guided team project, a personal project, and a capstone project to apply the skills gained throughout the theoretical classes. 

Software Engineering Bootcamp: Become a Software Engineer. 

Training Provider – Springboard

Mode of Learning – Online 

Course Duration – 9 months

Description: Springboard is another training provider offering a project-based online Bootcamp with a flexible learning structure. It is an industry-leading program that covers key concepts like front-end web development, back-end web development, databases, data structures, and algorithms. The learning modules are accompanied by practice exercises, projects, and career-related coursework. There are regular meetings to discuss your syllabus, end-to-end industry projects, or career-specific questions. 

By the end of the program, you will have a clear understanding of web development fundamentals, Git/GitHub, modern JavaScript, DOM manipulation, event-driven programming, working of web, AJAX, and jQuery. 

With all these options at hand, kickstart your software development journey and experience a flourishing career ahead. 

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