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Kids and social media: Navigating the noisy world

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What is social media?

In the world of technology, everything is shifted online. People of this age spend most of their time on social media. Social media is the platform in which the whole globe is connected through the internet. The most famous applications of social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. This platform is specially used to get access to decision-making, information, and news. It is a kind of Social interaction platform in which the whole world can communicate with each other in a few seconds.

In the past the communication is very slow, people write letters or many old means for communication then the mobile phones come and the life of the human being is changed. After the development of Mobile phones, this social media use is increased.

Social media is also used to share, information and create information by using various tools like mic, camera, and other tools. Now kids also start playing online games and watching cartoons, poems. Excess screen time can become the reason for many eye problems.

How the Social Media affects the health of human beings?

Social media has great importance in the life of human beings. In this fast age of technology, people want to communicate or share information in a short period. Social media made it easy and fast. By using Social media you can share, create ideas with organizations and people all around the world. You can get any information through the internet. rosemary in spanish is the herb that is used to give flavor to different sauces. Excess use of social media has a bad effect on human beings’ health. Its excess use can cause many mental health problems, like depression, anxiety, and memory loss. Especially on kids, it has a bad effect.


Disadvantages of Social media:

Although there are many advantages of Social media, on the other hand, it has many disadvantages.

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of social media is the lack of physical activities. Due to less exercise and physical activities, kids are not active now. They are lazy and do not participate in outdoor games.
  • Due to the excess use of social media kids are facing the issue of anxiety. Online games are one of the biggest reasons behind this. Kids’ behavior nowadays is aggressive. They become hyper on small things and shout aloud.
  • There is a lot of my er crimes on social media. Save your kids from it.
  • On the internet all good and bad things are available. When your child is using social media you have to keep a check on them what they are saying. There is much offensive information or information is available on the different sites which are not suitable for the kids.
  • Interaction with any stranger and privacy issues are some of the main disadvantages of social media.

Staying safe while using social media

When you and your kids are using Social media then keep yourself safe from cybercrime. There are some of the guidelines shared with you to save you and your child from any kind of illegal acts happening on the internet.

  • When you are using any social media application, then first of all confirm that either they are publishing any personal information of their user. Personal information includes Name, Email Address, Contact NO, Phone No.
  • When your kids are using any social media application then sit with them and see what they are seeing on it. check their posts and especially focus on the friends. Company has a great effect on your personality. So just keep checking on the friends of your kids and social media.
  • Give confidence to your child to speak if they see anything wrong or offensive on the social media accounts. Stay away from the scammers and never told your personal information to anyone.
  • If you get anything offensive and abusive on the internet, first report it. Don’t take a part in the discussion of any negative topic. Must Contact the Child Exploitation and online protection center if you see someone is harassing your child.
  • If your child wants to meet with his/her social media friends. Then don’t let them go alone. You must go with them. You must be aware from the site that they are sharing the legal information.
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In this noisy world, people have no time for their family, their kids even for themselves. They spend most of their time on the mobile and scrolling different things on it. With the advantages, it has many disadvantages side by side that we discussed in detail so must keep your kids safe and don’t let them use too much internet social media application.

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