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Keeping your phone damage-free in a mobile repair shop

The screen is the most appealing aspect of your smartphone, but it is also the most vulnerable. Unintentional drops, exposure to water or other liquids, extreme cold or heat, and other factors are common causes of phone damage.

The screen may crack or scratch when your phone is subjected to any of these conditions. Aside from that, the phone’s body may get scratched or damaged. The damage could even affect the smartphone’s core components.

This is why, after purchasing a new phone, one of the first things to do is research how to protect the phone from harm. In this article, we’ll look at ways to keep your secure phone while also keeping it looking nice.

According to mobile repair shop experts, using a high-quality screen protector, purchasing a well-designed case, and purchasing phone protection insurance are all options. Continue reading for more information!

Tips To keep your mobile damage-free by experts in a mobile repair shop.

Invest in a screen protector.

In modern smartphones, Gorilla Glass or a similar scratch- and impact-resistant material is frequently used. You’ll need to buy a screen protector if you don’t want to spend money.

If your keys scratch the screen while the device is in your purse or pocket, simply replace the screen protector. Replacing your screen protector is far less complicated and expensive than replacing the original screen that came with your smartphone.

The oil-resistant layer on some screen protectors also aids in the removal of fingerprints and stains.

Choose a high-quality case to protect your phone.

In today’s fast-paced and multi-tasking environment, you will inevitably drop your phone and injure it at some point. If this occurs, using a phone cover may be beneficial.

This device protects the smartphone’s exterior and keeps it looking new even after extended use.

Avoid excessively hot or cold weather (hot and cold temperatures)

As you might expect, extreme heat or cold can harm a smartphone. If possible, keep your phone out of the sun and freezer.

As a result of these adverse conditions, the phone’s battery and internal components may be damaged, necessitating the purchase of a new phone.

Extreme cold also stiffens parts of a phone, making it more vulnerable to impact damage. When it comes to extreme temperatures, your best defense is protection from such extreme weather conditions.

On hot days, for example, avoid leaving your phone in the sun or in an unattended parked car for an extended period.

According to the cell phone repair store in Newark, CA, instead of leaving the phone in your vehicle or outer pocket to keep it out of the cold, take it with you and put it inside a pocket. Your body heat will suffice to keep it warm.

If your phone has been exposed to extreme cold or heat, bring it indoors and allow it to recover to room temperature slowly. Rapid temperature changes may cause condensation inside the phone, resulting in water damage. This is especially true if the phone is freezing.

Submerge your smartphone in water at any cost.

When your smartphone comes into contact with water, it develops a fault (or other liquid). This can happen at the beach, in the rain, or when holding a phone in wet hands (in the pool).

Avoid submerging your smartphone or tablet in water if it does not have a water-resistant case. In foggy conditions, you may damage your phone’s screen.


Most of the time, we’re careless and leave our phones in an unsafe locations. Mobile repair shop experts advise ensuring your phone is in a secure location at all times. Make sure it’s in your line of sight if it’s in a position where youngsters or dogs may get their hands on it.

Children should not be given phones until they are old enough to manage them properly, particularly if the phone data is critical.

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