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Jazz Balance Share Code: How to Share Jazz Balance in 2022 (Updated)

Jazz Balance Share Code: How to Share Jazz Balance in 2022 (Updated)

There are many regular Jazz users in Pakistan. It is a brand because of its inexpensive packages, quick internet, and effective phone service. Numerous services are offered by The Jazz, including paid Facebook and VIP calls. Sharing Jazz balance with a loved one is among the nicest things the Jazz offers. Yes, you can provide your friend or anybody else with a Jazz network access to your Jazz balance. However, the subject of how to share a Jazz balance or what a Jazz balance share code is raised.

I already explained how to check your Jazz balance; but, in this article, I’ll go over all you need to know about sharing your balance with a Jazz number. So let’s get started:

How to share Jazz to Jazz balance (updated):

your cell phone’s dialer

Format the code as follows:

Jazz number + 100 + sharing percentage

When you press the transmit button, a message will appear. Type 1 to confirm.

Your friend or family member will receive access to your balance.

A 4.77+ transactional tax will be charged.

Jazz Balance Share Code


To begin, open the dialer on your cell phone and enter the code *100*jazz number*sharing amount#. The jazz number in this code is your buddy’s jazz number, and the sharing amount represents the sum you want to give your friend. The whole format will be as follows:


When you press the transmit button after setting up the code, a prompt message will appear on your mobile device and ask you to confirm the transaction by typing 1 (Haan) or type 0 (Cancel) to halt it.

Terms and Conditions

If the recipient has a Jazz number, you can only share Jazz credit with them. However, you can view your Ufone balance. You cannot share money with any other mobile network provider, such as Zong, Ufone, or Telenor.

Only Jazz prepaid users are eligible to use this promo.

Jazz to Jazz balance share code is only available to Prepaid Jazz users.

The Jazz firm reserves the right to modify the fees and codes for sharing Jazz balance. Go to the Jazz website for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jazz Balance Share

How do I check the harmony in my jazz?

Your remaining balance will be shown on the phone’s screen when you dial *111# from your mobile device. There will be minimal fees.

What is the jazz balance sharing code?

*100*jazz number*sharing amount# is the jazz share balance code.

How much jazz balance can we share?

Any jazz number can get payments between 15 and 500 Rupees in jazz balance.

What is the limit on the jazz balance share?

The daily credit limit for Jazz balance shares is Rs. 500. The next day, you can share additional balance.

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