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Is it bad to wear Apple Watch to bed? Special Guide

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Smartwatches are handy devices that track your daily routine. It is almost difficult to come off. If you love smart gadgets, it is a must to add a smartwatch to your wardrobe. Well, it is great to have Apple watch bands too. It adds variety and color to your outfits. Apple watch bands in India are trending in many online and offline stores. Try colorful options for creating personal touch.

If you are a smartwatch wearer and want to track your sleep. Are you going to wear an Apple watch at night? Is it a good idea? Let us get a quick answer.

Is it bad to wear an Apple watch while sleeping?

It is a debatable question because many people love wearing Apple watches to bed to track sleep. Well, experts say not to wear your smartwatch while sleeping. It affects sleep quality and distracts. It causes radiation EMI (electromagnetic frequency) to below. But at night you should wear it for short time.

Many issues surface when you wear an Apple watch while sleeping. Apart from data privacy, health monitoring and accuracy of self-monitoring, sleeping track, and O2 track, many people are concerned about electromagnetic radiations.

In this article we are covering the following topics:

  • Is it bad to wear an Apple watch at night?
  • Is it bad to wear an Apple watch all time?
  • Is it safe to wear iWatch 24*7?
  • Why do you wear an Apple watch at night?

Let us move on:

Is it bad to wear an Apple watch at night?

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Earlier watches used to tell the time. A watch’s primary function is to tell time, but Apple brought a revolution to the market. It comes in handy on many occasions. It offers features like heart & oxygen monitoring, workout tracking, sleep tracking, messages, and email alerts. It has made people dependent on them like mobile phones.

Many users confirm they wear Apple watches at night time for sleep monitoring. But this is a topic of debate as many feel this could render health.

Despite this, there has not been a single case reported in which a smartwatch has caused harm to the wearer while they are sleeping. It causes hindrance while sleeping. You have to compromise with quality sleep.

Are there any advantages of sleeping with an Apple smartwatch on?

There are many reasons that the Apple watch can be a boon when you wear it while sleeping. It is great for people who suffer from a sleeping disorder or sleep apnea. It helps the person at bedtime by guiding their routine and sleeping pattern.

It is also great for people who track their daytime sleep. It optimizes daily routine and performance.

Here are some benefits the Apple watch offers you when you wear it at bedtime:

Tells Time:

It tells you the time at bedtime. Many people have different sleeping patterns, particularly with sleeping disorders. Whenever your sleep is interrupted at night, you might want to check the time.

Tracking Sleep:

You can track your sleep with an Apple watch. It tracks your sleep and wake-up time. Also, it detects movements during sleep.

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Additional Features:

Many features are useful while bedtime. It involves an alarm, sleep tracker, oxygen, and heart monitoring. In the long run, it improves your lifestyle. You can download a sleep watch and get additional benefits from the smartwatch.

Are you at risk if you wear an Apple watch all the time?

The reality is Apple watch radiations are quite low. There is no big health risk if you wear it all the time. The biggest issue is dependency. If you make it your world that is harmful. It causes sleep distractions.

It is similar to mobile phones. People live in virtual reality than the real world. It makes instinctive behavior of checking wrist again and again.

Like we check mobiles and feel ringing every time. It also drives anxiety about being perfect and on time. Dependency causes insomnia in some people as they are highly active while sleeping too.

Tips for Better Sleep with Apple Watch:

  1. Wear a comfortable watch strap so that it does not hinders your sleep. You can get rubber, nylon-like materials that are stretchable.
  2. Do not wear it too tight or loose.
  3. Sleep on your back so that it leaves your watch free. It should not touch your stomach or face. Keep it away.
  4. Optimize the home screen if you don’t want to disturb your sleep.
  5. Enable Theatre mode.
  6. Turn Do Not Disturb on. It will stop emails and messages notifications.



Apple gadgets are beneficial in every way. Make sure you don’t make it habitual of wearing them 24*7. However, there are no major health concerns but you should remember that it emits low-frequency radiations that are unhealthy in some way. Wear your device in the right way, and ensure that it is adequately charged.

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