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Common Screen and Display Issues in iPhone

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Apart from the second-generation iPhone SE that was released recently, iPhone  was the last iPhone that had the home button. Loved by some, hated by some, the iPhone  holds a special place for a lot of people. Unfortunately, no matter how much you like a device, it can have issues as well. Here we’ve listed some of the common display and screen related issues faced by iPhone  users. It is important to note that not every issue requires a full-fledged iPhone  screen replacement process to be executed. This will become more prominent with the issues listed below.

Common iPhone  Screen Issues

Frozen Screen

This is a quite common issue that occurs in other models of iPhones as well. You are using the phone normally and suddenly the screen freezes either in the middle of an application or just doesn’t respond when you press the power button. If the phone is on and there is a battery left in the device then the freeze must be an internal issue.

You can hard reset the device if the screen doesn’t become normal. To hard reset, your iPhone , press the Volume Up button for a few seconds and then release it, then press the Volume Down button. Now, press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds till you see the phone turn off.

Ghost Touches

Ghost touches are also a common issue in iPhone . One of the biggest reasons for this to happen is the presence of a cheap quality screen protector over the display or air getting trapped under the protector. Remove the protector, make sure that the software’s updated to the latest version, and then check if the ghost touches still prevail on your device.

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3D Touch Problems

3D Touch in iPhone  allows users to press and hold an app to open its shortcuts and features pop-up. While this is a very useful feature, a lot of users have complained about issues with 3D touch. Some users say it pops up every now and then without even touching while some have complained of 3D Touch not working even if they press the screen for a significant amount of time.

A change in the feature’s sensitivity can cause this issue. You can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch and change the sensitivity to ‘firm’ or ‘light’ from ‘medium’. If the problem isn’t fixed still, you can Reset All Settings. If the 3D Touch is still not working, there could be something wrong with the connection between the display and the underlying logic board.

Blank Screen

Sometimes, your iPhone  can get stuck on a blank or black/blue screen and nothing happens even if you touch the screen, press the power button or do something else. First, you should check if this is happening while opening a certain app or is it happening throughout the device. Try to delete the faulty app and keep your phone updated to the latest iOS software.

If the battery is ok, the phone is updated, there is no faulty app but you aren’t able to see the screen anymore, this could be due to a hardware fault as well. Loose wiring, water damage, blunt force, or anything can cause this. Take the phone to a technician and get it diagnosed.

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Screen Flickering

Installing 3rd-party apps, using unauthorized accessories like a charger to charge your device, and other system bugs can cause the screen to flicker repeatedly. However, physical damage to the screen is one of the biggest reasons for your screen to flicker. If you’ve recently dropped your device or if it’s cracked from one edge then it could’ve disrupted the internals of the device. A weak connection can also be the reason for your screen to flicker.

Take the device to an expert professional for diagnosis. If this is a software issue, it can be fixed quickly but if it is a hardware issue, you might require an iPhone  screen replacement to be done.

Colour Distortion

If your iPhone display has distorted colours or if the screen is messed up, you might want to recalibrate it contrast and brightness level of the display. You can also update the device and force restart it once. While it tends to solve software issues and glitches, colour distortion could be a hardware issue as well.

Consult with an Authorized Apple service or a technician to see if the distortion is due to a software issue or if there is something wrong with the hardware.

These were some of the common issues iPhone  users face with their display. As you can see, not every issue requires an iPhone  screen replacement to be done and are sometimes just the work of software or apps. If your screen breaks or stops working, however, then you’d need a screen replacement. It is advised to use a back cover and screen protector of good quality to protect your screen and make it last for a long time.

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