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Increase fitness studio membership with custom grip socks


Over 300 million people practice yoga, Pilates, and barre worldwide, making them one of the most popular activities. Some do them as a hobby while others to keep themselves fit. The popularity grew in the last two years; people had to be at home and needed an activity to reduce stress and be fit. It led to the opening of more fitness studios after the pandemic. With competition, it is challenging to sign up more people for your studio membership. In the starting phase, when you are strapped for cash, it is tough to do an advertisement because of the high cost. So, what can you do to increase your studio brand awareness and membership? One of the most effective ways is to create promotional grip socks. You may wonder why to wear grip socks when going barefoot or shoes have worked fine. The blog will provide you with all the answers; let’s start with the basics.


What are custom grip socks?


These socks provide grip – as the name suggests – during the activities like yoga. They are hard-wearing and have grip materials at their soles. They make the grips from silicone, plastic, or rubber. Some have separate toes to allow extra flexibility and movement during sessions. It is helpful during asanas and activities that require stretching the toes for balance. Customizing them with your studio name and logo will help to get the word out.


Uses of grip socks:


Grip socks are valuable in many places, including at home – when it’s frigid, or the floor is slippery.


  • Yoga is about flow, balance, mobility, and strength. It is hard to do the “asanas” perfectly when you don’t have the perfect grip. In the beginning, most people struggle to keep their balance, and these socks lend some support.
  • Pilates is about strengthening the body with a focus on core strength. It helps improve fitness and overall well-being. It has some similarities with yoga-like posture, balance, and flexibility. Grip socks help to keep the feet firmly on the ground; it is necessary to maintain balance and improve core stability and strength.
  • Barre is a physical exercise conducted in a group and derived from ballet. It has a lot of foot movements; grip socks maintain balance and posture.


Reasons to use custom grip socks:


The mentioned activities are about minimalism; when you think of them, you probably wouldn’t think about grip socks. Aside from taking your studio’s name to the next level, custom grip socks help with:


  1. The grip is the main reason to use these socks; it helps with extra grip. A non-slippery sock gives you extra stability and confidence during these workouts. The dots on the soles keep the feet in place, and you can concentrate on the pose without falling.

These activities are also about flow, and grip socks help to move from one pose to another with rhythm. Many users also report having improved workouts because of the ability to hold poses for longer. With custom grip socks, everyone in your class has a better workout session. They will recommend it to their peers.


  1. Breathability: we have many sweat glands on our bodies and feet. During these workout sessions, our body heats and glands work overtime to keep cool; it does by producing sweat. When we sweat, our feet become extra slippery wearing regular or no socks. It can be uncomfortable and risky – increasing the chance of falling. A grip sock combines the functionality and also allows the feet to breathe. They also prevent to reduce dirt and germs transfer.


  1. Balance: It is difficult to maintain and hold tougher movements like the warrior, half-moon, crescent, yoga poses, and boomerang in Pilates; custom grip socks solve the issue. The fitted heels prevent twisting the ankle and reduce the chance of injury while maintaining balance.


  1. Comfort: Breathing and meditation are the elements of these practices. You want to be at the most comfortable level while practicing, and the last thing you want is fiddling around with chaffed socks and being unable to connect with the inner self. With high-quality custom grip socks, you won’t feel them on your feet; it helps to achieve the highest comfort and connection.


  1. Looks: There is an adage – if we look good, we feel good. The same holds for wearing custom grip socks made for these movements. It provides added confidence to try out new poses without hesitation. The high-quality materials give stretch to be comfortable and remain snug.


Types of custom grips socks you can create:


Although there are many styles available, you can categorize them into three:


  • Regular grip socks resemble no-show socks and have grip dots at the soles. These are the most common socks in any yoga or pilates studio.



  • Open-toe also goes by the name – heel socks. These socks cover the heel but leave the toes exposed for extra breathability – as the name suggests. It allows more freedom in foot movement and is most suitable for barre.



  • Long socks go past the ankles and provide extra insulation and compression. They also have a cushion at the ankles and the lower shins making some positions accessible to beginners. You can customize long socks as open or closed toes.


Make your custom grip socks last longer and help brand awareness for a long time by instructing receivers on how to care for the socks.


  1. Wash the socks inside-out: wash these socks by turning them inside out. It will preserve grip dots at the soles. Socks are dirtier on the inside than outside because of sweat, and turning them helps to clean them effectively.
  2. Washing with room temperature water helps keep the fibers of grip socks intact. If you want to clean in hot water, ensure you do not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid bleach and use regular fabric detergent and conditioner.
  3. Hang dry: It is not a good idea to put grip socks in the dryer because of the rubber or plastic dots. It would be best to air dry them by keeping them flat on a surface to prevent soles from warping.


How to use custom grip socks for more awareness?


  • As a welcome gift: Welcome new members to your studio with custom grip socks to make a positive impression. You can give them away free or include the socks cost in the membership signing. They will talk about your studio with their peers.
  • To loyal members: Every studio has 5-10 percent loyal members who are regular income sources. Most people in the fitness studios join for a short time and leave. You can reward their loyalty with free custom grip socks during holidays like Christmas, new year, etc.
  • Events: Organizing special classes is one of the most effective ways to boost the business. You can hand out custom grip socks for extra awareness and impression.
  • Affiliate: The fitness studio’s business depends on close-knit groups; most have a friend with them. You can encourage the behavior by presenting them with custom grip socks when they bring in new members.




Custom grip socks are wonderful for improving workout sessions, comfort, and brand awareness. You get much advertisement without spending huge money. If they apply to these activities, it won’t feel like marketing. People will appreciate the lovely gesture as well. However, you need a reliable, expert, and experienced manufacturer to make your socks – it is challenging and takes years of experience to produce comfortable grip socks. It would be best to connect with EverLighten; they have eighteen years of experience helping niche startups turn themselves into big brands.


Don is a professional rugby player who played for England. He is also an avid gamer and an entrepreneur and wants to incorporate wellness into the gaming industry. Their team – The Gaming Athlete – was looking to create a new line of products to provide comfort during long gaming sessions. They contacted EverLighten after going through a long list of positive testimonials on the internet. Our team understood their requirements and helped them understand the process, materials, design, colors, etc. We created a free sample, and after some modifications, they approved to go ahead. Our team produced the best-looking socks matching every criterion. Now, they are successfully running their company and helping gamers.


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Benefits of working with EverLighten:


  • Best pricing: they are a dedicated factory for producing custom socks and not intermediaries; customers always get the best price.
  • Quality without a compromise: they use premium-quality materials and the latest processes.
  • Fast turnaround time: they provide the quickest delivery for every order.
  • 24*7 support: you can contact us anytime; they provide round-the-clock support.
  • Real people, phenomenal service: EverLighten loves helping; they offer various options for every patch.
  • Free design help and unlimited customization: the custom socks will look as you imagined; they also provide endless customization.
  • No MOQ requirement: you can order as many socks as you need; they accept orders without a minimum limit.
  • Worldwide shipping: they deliver worldwide; customers can track their orders anytime with an order tracking tool.


For information, inquiries and orders, visit

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