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Pajama Party

Ideas, Games And Activities To Prepare A Pajama Party


One of the typical plans of childhood and that remains forever etched in memory, are the pajama parties. It is about inviting a few of your child’s friends to your house so that they can enjoy the afternoon and evening together, seasoning the experience with games, activities, music and delicious food. If you don’t have experience in organizing a pajama party, we share some suggestions that can help you prepare this fun and unforgettable plan for children.

Obstacle Gymkhana

We start our review of ideas to turn your pajama party into an unforgettable moment with a gymkhana of obstacles. If you have a garden it will be very easy for you to prepare a test circuit, where you cannot miss the jumps of obstacles, tests of agility, drag, speed.

If you don’t have a garden, we suggest a super fun and original activity for children like to ask paranoia questions: Try to avoid falling into a giant spider web. To prepare the fabric you will only need one or two balls of wool and a lot of patience to turn the entire room into a mass of wool to draw.

Organize a summer cinema

And after dinner it’s time to relax again with a movie session and popcorn. This plan never disappoints and we can take advantage of the numerous premieres that are presented this season. If you have a garden or terrace, we recommend taking the television outside to enjoy a real summer movie session, but if you don’t, simply turn off all the lights and turn up the volume on the TV to simulate a real movie theater.

Sing camp songs

There is no sleepover without a song recital. We propose the typical camp songs that many children are sure to know, but since they are the ones who must choose the latest hits that are playing on the radio; they may find them more attractive.

In any case, and so that the night of songs is perfect, we cannot forget to simulate a campfire with LED candles and red cellophane.

Cookies at midnight, irresistible

Nobody is bitter about a sweet and this special occasion well deserves it. Surely children enjoy eating a few cookies at the wrong time (better if they are homemade), chocolate or sweet snacks. But without going overboard! We don’t want their stomachs to hurt later.

Picnic under the stars

It’s time for dinner, and if you have a terrace or garden, our proposal goes one step further! Prepare the bag or backpack that you usually take on excursions to the mountains or to the beach and store everything you need in it so that the children can organize a picnic without leaving home.

Under the stars, and sitting on a country blanket, they will be able to taste hot food with the emotion of doing it in a picnic format, as if they were real hikers.

Allow children to prepare the space in which they are going to sleep

I often see idyllic images of children’s sleepovers on social networks, where the host parents leave everything absolutely prepared for the children’s rest, without giving room for improvisation. But we suggest you do just the opposite and allow the little ones to organize their own space to sleep. Obviously within limits and after having provided them with everything they need to rest comfortably (sleeping bags, mats, pillows, bedding…)

For children there is nothing more exciting, creative and fun than building their own little house or cabin to play in. If they are a little older, they can use simple tutorials to build their own teepee, but if they are younger, a few sheets and chairs will be enough to let their imagination run wild.

Escape room at home

And after recharging batteries with the spa session, it’s time to put your ingenuity to the test with an escape room without leaving home. On the Internet you can find a wide variety of online games to enjoy this fun experience, in which teamwork and decision-making against the clock are the main protagonists.

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