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ICR Technology

ICR Technology- A helpful tool to extract data in no time

ICR, also known as Intelligent OCR, is a method for extracting handwritten text from image files. It’s a more advanced type of OCR, in which AI and Machine Learning algorithms automatically analyse data in forms. And physical documents by recognising different handwritten styles and fonts.

These paper-base documents are scan and data extracted using ICR technology. Which is then saved digitally in a software database. The data is utilise for analytical reporting and is connected with business workflows. ICR technology is use by businesses to organise unstructured data and derive real-time insights from reports.

ICR allows users to quickly read and convert handwritten data on paper to a digital format.ICR engines combine with OCR to automate data capture from forms. Eliminating the need for keystrokes. It has a high level of accuracy and is a reliable method for saving time when processing a variety of documents.

ICR vs. OCR: What’s the Difference?

The most significant distinction between ICR and optical character recognition (OCR) is that OCR is not programmed to recognise handwriting. ICR, as a subset of all OCR programmes, consists of specialize software applications. That are use to search and categorise handwritten and convert to text materials. OCR text can also be copy and paste into MS Word.

ICR technology is a fantastic choice to add to your data capture process. If your firm requires the examination of large numbers of handwritten documents. That contain both structur and unstructur information. It eliminates the danger of human error while also providing a high level of precision, boosting data capture efficiency.

How Does Intelligent Character Recognition Work and What Can It Do? (ICR)

Artificial neural networks in Intelligent Character Recognition can read a broad variety of innovative handwriting fonts and styles. Allowing the system to self-learn with each experience.

It means that everytime the ICR technology is expose to new forms of data. It automatically updates its recognition database. As more records are obtain, artificial neuron networking improves the system in prediction.

CR begins by creating a generic pattern rather than recognising related characters.

The accuracy levels may not be optimum in some cases. Because the technique relies on information collect through dealing with a range of handwritings.

Application of ICR to Modern Technologies

ICR technology that include artificial intelligence and machine learning improve. Their ability to recognise both structure and unstructure types of alphabetic and cursive handwriting over time.

As a result, the Intelligent Character Recognition system has been widely utilise in a variety of platforms and new technologies for optimising workplace operations. Such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and OMR. Document verification services are also use for this purpose.

Because it complements their job design, ICR software is a good consolidation for electronic archiving (e-archiving or EDMS) and document management software (DMS).

What Makes Intelligent Character Recognition So Beneficial?

Using intelligent character recognition has numerous advantages. Among them are the following:

ICR technology improves the accuracy of OCR software by recognising a wide range of text or handwriting styles and fonts.

You now have access to more relevant information with which to make decisions. All handwritten data on documents and forms would not be record. And would not make it into a content management system if the programme did not include an ICR component.

Because AP documents contain essential handwritten information. This might make a major difference in accounts payable departments.

Manual data input work is reduced, and there are fewer data inaccuracies. Any enhancement to OCR improves text recognition and data accuracy. This implies less data entry effort is required, and there are no errors associated with human data entry. At the end of the day, this saves time and money for any company.

Data security has been improved. In the form of names, social security numbers, or drivers licence numbers, handwritten information can sometimes contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


ICR technology is overtaking the data extraction world. It has lessened the burden to extract lengthy handwritten data into soft form. So, it’s a great solution to help with these data extractions techniques.


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