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I Am Fish A Tedious, Yet Sometimes Charming Game

I Am Fish A Tedious, Yet Sometimes Charming Boss Studios

I Am Fish is the spiritual sequel to the popular toast simulator I Am Bread, which was developed by Bossa Studios. I Am Fish places you within the bodies of several fish, as opposed to floating like a loaf of bread in a kitchen. After receiving what appears to be the bread from I Am Bread, a group of fish are able to swim freely and aggressively.

Since they cannot remain out of the water for extended periods of time, fish migrate in a number of different ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as a jar, and other times it’s a wheeled mop bucket. In terms of scale, it is a significant departure from the kitchens of I Am Bread and the operating rooms of Surgeon Simulator 2. From its rooftops to its sewer pipes below, the city provides several options for exploration. A nightclub level, for instance, allows the fish to take over the body of an inebriated client after being ingested.

For example, you must evade a human who is pursuing the mop bucket that the fish has stolen. Despite the fact that this may be a lot of fun and a decent challenge at times, the expected and purposely unpleasant controls can often bring the game to a halt. Particularly, one passage does not feel purposely tough, but rather poorly executed. The jar that the player must roll about in after seizing it from a park, which takes the fish to a construction site where chaos ensues, is nearly hard to control during the adventure.

Games like I Am Fish and Surgeon Simulator 2 become irritating due to their lack of unified controls at a certain point. Due to the inconsistency of the game’s checkpoint system, even the smallest mistake can reset a substantial amount of progress. There are levels in I Am Fish that are genuinely amusing and will make players smile, but there’s also a good chance that some of them will leave players with their heads in their hands as they attempt to move a fish from point A to point B over a dozen tries that are thwarted by unresponsive controls rather than a lack of motivation or creativity in planning.

A fish’s clumsy trek around the city may become monotonous after a while, but I Am Fish contains a great deal of variety to keep things interesting. It is perplexing that one of the playable fish has the capacity to fly. Those who appreciate challenging games like Surgeon Simulator 2 or have a great deal of patience may enjoy this. It is ten to fifteen hours lengthy and does an excellent job of pacing itself, but it will make some viewers want to scream at the television.

The game’s appeal prevents it from becoming an absolute horror. It is humorous and endearing, in contrast to the potentially nasty character of the game. The essential premise of Finding Nemo is present, but Pixar’s emotional touch is gone. I Am Fish is a tiring experience due to its purposely challenging controls. This is feasible, but it does not always work, leaving the player with a terrible experience and no reward when they succeed. I Am Fish may have sunk without its various levels and humorous circumstances, but the game’s immense appeal prevents it from doing so, and anybody with the patience to appreciate it should give it a go.

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