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Hunting with Merino Wool: Why It’s the Best Base Layer?

When hunting, you must be aware of harsh and extreme conditions such as snow and rain. In such a situation, you need the best protective base layer to protect your body, as the hunting clothes alone may not be enough. The base layer should be significant to keep the body warm when the outer weather is harsh. 

The base layer of clothing determines how long you can hunt in the cold weather and how comfortable you are when hunting. So, one of the best ways to stay warm and hunt longer is to use Merino wool base layers to protect you.  


Why is Merino Wool the Best Base Layer When Going Hunting? 

  1. Is Light, flexible and smoother

The merino wool base layer is lighter, flexible, and smoother.  

Since they are lighter, they do not add additional weight to the body; hence you can put on other clothes without worrying about the baggage.  

Moreover, the Marino base layer is so smooth that you feel comfortable and don’t develop any rashes. Along with being smooth, they are also flexible, hence easily fitting your body.   

  1. Best protection from cold

 When selecting the best layer for hunting, merino wool stands out for different reasons. Merino wool clothes are made from pure wool and are airy, making them the best protection from cold and chilly weather.  

The wool and airy nature provide an additional insulation layer to keep the heat generated by the body and prevent the cold from penetrating inside. Hence those who use it will likely remain warmer even if they hunt for the most extended period in cold weather. The Marino base layer is best suitable for those who love mountain hunting. 

  1. Comfortable with low maintenance

Marino’s base layer is comfortable and smoother than regular wool or base layer clothing. They require little maintenance and are more durable than other hunting base layers. You can launder them in a washing machine without any worries.

  1. Masking the fragrance

Some animals, such as mountain deer’s, have sensitive and acute sense organs and can recognize scents from afar. Any change of scents would indicate an alarm, and they would scatter; hence you need the best way to prevent the odors from spreading. 

The Marino base layer clothing has limited pores; hence the scents hardly pass through to the surrounding. Marino wool has lanolin, a naturally occurring wax or fatty acid layer which inhibits the activity of bacteria that can result in scents easily detectable by the animals you plan to hunt. These base layers also have the best odor-fighting capabilities, keeping the animals unaware of your existence.

Best Hunting Merino Wool Base Layer to Consider 

As you head out to hunt, select the best merino wool hunting base layer clothing. Here are some to consider. 

Merino Wool Thermal Pants 

These trousers weigh about 250 g/m2 and are a suitable layer for your hunting pants. They are manufactured using natural fibers to guarantee the best comfort while you hunt. With a diameter of about 18.5 microns, they are suitable for trapping all the heat the body needs. You can wash them easily on the laundry machines; hence, you need to set the cold option and dry them in the dryers. 

They are breathable and can allow air circulation on the skin preventing conditions such as skin fade when used longer. Merino wool trousers are loose and comfortable and can fit different body sizes. You can also utilize them as a mid-layer.  


Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt 

This base layer is ideal for the upper body since it will cover the whole body, including the arms that are often neglected. They can act as effective insulators, and you can put them on longer without the itchy and scratchy effects. The shirt is lightweight with breathable and moisture-wicking capabilities, ideal for weather conditions such as chilly and cold.   

It can suppress the odors from the body, allowing you to get closer to the deer’s instead of driving them away. When ordering the shirt, you need a larger version to fit you perfectly since they hardly stretch.

SITKA Gear Heavyweight Half-Zip 

If you feel that other thermal shirts are too tight, perhaps consider the zipped version to avoid suffocating areas such as the neck. The zipper also makes them suitable for base and middle layers. Other capabilities, such as camouflaging, make it ideal for hunting activities. With a diameter of about 17.5 microns and manufactured from pure merino wool, they are the warmest options for mountain hunting. It can wick away sweat from the body, preventing sweat’s cooling effects that can significantly contribute to the cooling on the body’s surface.  

They have about 6% nylon and about 35% polyester, making them durable. The composition also makes it ideal for preventing odor passage to the environment and is suitable for hunting. You can also use it repeatedly due to the lyric technology inhibiting the accumulation and growth of germs that can lead to unpleasant aromas, especially when hunting for more extended periods.   



When going hunting, you need the best protection base layer clothing. The base layer protects you from extreme cold, allowing you to hunt longer, especially in mountain conditions. They can also prevent the passage of scents to the environment, allowing you to get closer to the animals.  

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