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How We Can Improve Our Business By Using Custom Boxes

Boxes are the most common form of packaging. Although other packaging solutions like metallic cans, plastic bottles, stand-up pouches, etc are also used in the market cardboard boxes have occupied a special place in the packaging industry. They are making their way rapidly in every sector. Custom boxes are used for packaging an array of items like apparel, cosmetics, furniture, households, and even food products. You can see them as food boxes, beverage containers, cake boxes, and for different bakery packaging items. It will not be wrong to say that cardboard is the most versatile material.

Its advanced characteristics have made a number of entrepreneurs switch to custom cardboard boxes to address their packaging needs. While designing the packaging for a product it is necessary to consider various aspects like durability, functionality, ease of transportation, eco-friendly credentials, and attractiveness. Cardboard fulfills all the features. Moreover, there are numerous ways to improve your business by using boxes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Build your brand around Custom Boxes:

Packaging allows the brand to speak for itself even before the product is opened. The best way to improve your business is to build your brand around custom packaging boxes. Such retail boxes can provide a great box opening experience to the customers. This makes customers return to your brand whenever they shop. Everything you deliver through your packaging box becomes a part of the experience.

The size, style, color, fonts, graphics, and internal design of the box collectively work to build your brand. All such things describe a complete story about your brand without uttering a single word. For example, consider the following candy packaging. As the product is designed just for kids so the manufacturer has tried its best to build the brand around its packaging. The candy box is designed in an elegant by using some of the basic colors liked by every kid. The brand’s logo on the top of the box is attractive enough to be remembered.

  • Reduce Cost by making Perfect Sized Boxes:

Custom packaging facilitates you in designing a perfect-sized box for your products. For this, you have to consider the dimensions of the product you want to put in. It is suggested to keep a margin of half to one an inch. This makes the product easily fit in without providing any damage to the box. By designing perfect-sized retail boxes, you can save on a large amount of raw material and filler packaging. This also reduces shipping charges by decreasing the dimensional weight of your packaging. Thus you can easily ship a large number of packages on a single vehicle thus reducing carbon footprints.

  • Durable Material Ensures Protection:

The main purpose of packaging is to deliver the products in a safe condition. Custom boxes made up of cardboard are durable enough to ensure maximum protection to the product inside. The material is pressure resistant. It saves the product from external pressure, jerks, mishandling, or any accidental damage. Moreover, the protection of the product is a great concern when it is present on retail shelves. Cardboard is the best solution to address this problem. Moreover, shipping products can be converted to double or triple-walled corrugated cardboard as per customer requirements. The boxes are easy to assemble making them suitable for a number of items. In the case of fragile items, filler material like bubble wrap and packing peanuts, etc is used to ensure maximum protection.

  • Innovative Ideas generate More Sales:

Creativity is the key to success. Introducing innovative designs in your packaging boxes is the best way to attract customers. It makes your products different from those of competitors. Custom packaging provides you with unlimited ideas to show your creativity. If you introduce something innovative never forget its functional aspect. It should be practical and safe to use the same as traditional packaging. The possibilities are numerous. You may introduce a newly shaped box or one with a unique color scheme and attractive printing patterns. The following food boxes are designed in a creative way. They give a feeling of fresh juice coming out of a fruit slice.

  • Follow Seasonality to Attract the Customers:

A brand that does not undergo changes with time loses the attention of customers. That is why reason rebranding or changing the look of your packaging creates a great difference. It is a great way to freshen up your brand and increase sales. If you feel risky to undergo major changes in the packaging design an interesting way is to introduce short-run rebranding by making use of the product’s seasonality. For example, if Christmas is near you can introduce a special greeting in your packaging boxes to attract customers. During FIFA season you can create limited edition packs to stimulate purchase among football lovers.

  • Embossed Elegance:

One of the famous techniques in printing is embossing. It makes the custom boxes look more upscale by adding a greater finish to them. Embossing is the process of creating a raised pattern or design on the surface of the packaging. Such a pattern is raised against the background giving it an inspiring look. Embossing adds value to your custom boxes by giving a three-dimensional effect. It is the reason why a number of top brands use embossing on their packaging boxes to make their product stand out.

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