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How To Winterize Your Airless Paint Sprayer?

What is Airless Paint Spray?

Airless Paint spray is the way of painting the walls and different items. It is one of the most efficient techniques of painting. The paint is filled in the bottle under high pressure on which the sprayer is mounted at the end. The pressure of the paint is 3000 psi. When the sprayer is pushed the paint rushes out from the nozzle of the sprayer with very high pressure. It is one of the best methods to do painting with the proper finishing but its rate of efficiency of good transfer is not very high. The paint is used for the protection of the walls and the decoration coatings are also be done.

The working speed of the airless paint spray is very high which is why it is used at high places. For using the airless paint spray there is the thumb rule: always start it from the 3 room apartment and paint with the help of a brush and roller. If you want to reduce the thickness of the paint adds 20% of water to it. This will help to foray fine. But if you are using the oil-based paint then it is not fruitful to thin it. 

How to use Airless Paint Spray?

Before using anything it is a must to read the user manual of it. Always take proper precautions of safety for any equipment. Airless paint sprayer makes the work of painting easy it reduce the time and labor cost. The paint is wasted less. Be active of all the potential hazards, wear the proper suits for safety and stay alert all time. If you are using the airless paint spray then must keep some tips in consideration.

  1. Use the setup of proper sprayer

Using the setup of the propers depends on the model of the sprayer you are using. It will vary from model to model and on you the rather you use the sprayer before or not. While using the spray keep the connection of the hose and the spray gun in consideration, Prim the sprayer and lush it well. And the most important thing is to install the guard and the tip of the sprayer.

  1. Preparation of a Surface

The surface at which you are starting to paint, prepare it well. It is one of the most important steps when you are going to do the airless paint or air paint. Use the Trisodium Phosphate for washing all the interior and then allow some time to it for drying a surface. For the exterior side must use the washer with high pressure and let it dry. After drying clean the walls with a dry cloth and repair the cracks if there are any there, the holes, rough areas, chips, and cracks.

When you are using the airless project spend time preparing its surrounding. That means protecting all the things in the surroundings means shutters, furniture, windows, and shutters. When you are painting anything outside the door then keep the direction of the wind in consideration. And cover all the shrubs and plants present in the surrounding because the paint may affect their growth and nutrients.

Techniques to use Airless Spray:

  1. Keep the distance of 12 inches between the gun and the surface
  2. Before switching on the gun start the movement and continue it. It will provide you with the best coverage of the surface.
  3. Almost 50% of the spray must be overlapped.

If you want to paint the surface like a pro uses the graco airless paint sprayer. It will help to meet your requirements. Its spray tip makes your task easier to do. Graco paint sprayer provides the accessories for the sprayers to compliment. With the help of the tip extension, pressure roller kit you can do your work easier.

How To Winterize Your Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are using the Airless paint sprayer and then want to use it in the winter season then you can prepare it for the cold weather by doing some changes to it. To avoid any damage, you can winterize the airless paint sprayer. Follow some of these mentioned steps to paint the Surface.

  1. Once you are going to start changing the Airless paint sprayer to use it for the cool weather then must check is oil in it.
  2. To increase its efficiency, take some amount of quart and add it into the Airless paint spray. Quart is the mineral spirit.
  3. The pump cycles are used for protection. Add some of the drops of the liquid named Graco Throat Seal
  4. When you use the pump protectant than after its use turn off the sprayer carefully and in a position that rod is in the down position and the rod must be fully dipped into the liquid

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