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How to Use Transcription Services to Repurpose Your Content

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Engaging the audience with unique content is not a one-time activity. It is a continuous effort that tests the content writer’s skills and the marketing team’s creativity. Consequently, it’s vital to know how well the content performs to attract traffic and keep them engaged. What do you do when you run out of ideas? Are you supposed to stop publishing new content? Of course not. Instead, you become imaginative and inventive. This is when you start repurposing the content.

What Do You Mean By “Repurposing Content”

Repurposing content or content recycling is the strategic practice of reusing or reprocessing all or parts of the current content to increase its reach. When we say recycling content, it does not mean we keep rewriting it in different ways and keep presenting the same facts and figures repeatedly. The audience is not dumb. They will catch onto your tactic and stop visiting your page. Instead, content repurposing is all about transforming the old and existing content into newer forms like resizing the blog graphics and using them as visuals for social media, converting a whitepaper into a blog, a blog post into an infographic, etc.

Transcription Services

A transcription service is a business service that transcribes or converts speech (audio)  into a written or text document. Typically, transcription services are required by businesses, legal, or medical firms. There are many transcription recording tools which serves this purpose.

Where Does Transcription Services Come Into Repurposing Content

We told you about content recycling, then we mentioned transcription services, but how do the two link together? This is where things get interesting. Did you know you can use transcription services to repurpose your content?

YouTube videos, podcasts, presentations, etc., present a golden opportunity to repurpose content using transcription services. This small addition will expand the content’s reachability and your audience base. From an SEO perspective, your content gets a positive boost.

Research shows that when giving a presentation, an average person speaks approximately 150 words a minute. So, if the presentation is a 5 mins audio, it means you have an electronic text document of 750 words (150 x 5), which is more or less the recommended length of a blog post. Do keep in mind all your audience is not interested in hearing. Some want to read it at their own pace, and others want to see solid and impactful visuals. Everyone has their taste, but that does not mean you should forget about them. Rather, it pinpoints the need for content repurposing to reach an even bigger audience.

Transcription services are not just for the use of doctors and lawyers. Anyone can use them. YouTubers can use it to convert their videos into blog posts. Trainers can use it to preserve their classroom sessions and so on. Digital marketers also gain by using transcription services because it is the most effective way to recycle content with minimum effort and investment and produce high-value content in different formats.

How To Use Transcription Services To Repurpose Your Content

Let us briefly discuss how you can repurpose the content using the transcription services. By the time you are done reading this section, most of you will wonder, “Why the hell did I not think about that?” All we can say is it’s never too late to start. So without much ado, here are a few ways that will give you a fair idea to get started on repurposing content:

  1. YouTube Videos To Blog Posts – There are numerous YouTubers, and you might be just one of them trying to maximize the organic traffic to your channel. You can be different from others and hope to meet your goals sooner by ensuring that your content is available to your subscribers and others in multiple ways. But just converting the audio or video to text is not enough. You need to bulk it up with carts, graphs, images, etc. The transcription service will do the hard part for you, and that is writing down your content. The rest needs to be taken care of by you or your digital marketing team.
  2. Research Report To Blog Posts – Researches tend to have several key takeaways, and if the research topic is of mass interest, it could make for an interesting read. Even better, you can package the entire research as a series of blog posts where each post talks about one key takeaway. You can also upgrade it to a video and add images that you can further share or tailor for use (using transcription services) on social media platforms.
  3. Podcasts Into Video And Blogs – Your audience is not just the listeners. Instead, some are watchers and others readers. So you need to cover all bases so that you can encompass them all. A podcast can be easily converted into video and a series of blogs with the help of transcription services. Again, you will have to do some work making it attractive by adding charts, diagrams, graphics, and other related visuals. But overall, it will help you reach out to more people, and the footfall will increase.
  4. Build Social Media Content Resources – Did you know you can convert your podcast or episode into a transcript that makes it easy to share on social media platforms? If not, you need to create attractive visuals through platforms like Canva and get your message across directly and concisely on the different social media platforms.
  5. Create An E-Book Or An E-Course – Sometimes, the content in your YouTube videos and podcasts or the training sessions and presentations is so much that one or two blogs are not enough. Even a series of posts is unable to do justice. In such scenarios, you can either create an E-book or an E-Book course, and Voila! You have another format for your precious content.

Bottom line

Producing new and unique content week after week may seem like a daunting task. Alas, to keep your audience captivated, you need to keep them interested and craving for more. The surest way to kill two birds by one stone is to repurpose the content using transcription services. This unseemly weapon will yield outstanding results.

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