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How to Use Canva Integration to Elevate Your Content Marketing?

How to Use Canva Integration to Elevate Your Content Marketing?

The rise of digital marketing has made it more challenging for businesses to stand out and get noticed. One way to differentiate yourself is by using visually appealing content that captures the attention of your audience. Canva, the design platform, has made this process easier by allowing businesses to create professional-looking designs without needing any design experience. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use Canva integration to elevate your content marketing game.  

1. Connect Canva Account With Content Management System 

The first step to using Canva integration is connecting your account with your content management system (CMS). Canva has integration with several content management systems, including WordPress, HubSpot, and Drupal. Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll be able to create designs within Canva and directly use them in your CMS. This saves time and effort while making it easier to maintain a consistent visual identity throughout your website.

2. Utilize Canva Templates 

Canva has several templates available for different types of content, ranging from social media posts, flyers, Canva presentation designs, and email headers. Utilizing these templates and customizing them to your brand theme allows you to create consistent visuals across various platforms. Change the color scheme, typography, and graphics to match your brand identity. Canva has a feature that saves all the colors you use, making it easier to maintain color consistency in all of your designs.

3. Import Custom Branding Kits 

If you already have a branding kit, you can also import it into Canva. This allows you to create your designs, making sure they are on-brand. Before importing, make sure your branding kit includes a primary color palette, secondary color palette, typography, logo and icon set, and all other brand assets. Organize your branding kit in a folder and import it into Canva. You’ll then be able to use this folder in any design you create within Canva.

4. Collaborate With Your Team 

Canva integration allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time. This feature is not only useful for content creation but also helpful for ensuring brand consistency. Everyone on the team will know what designs are being created and can provide feedback or make adjustments in real-time. Canva also has a feature that allows you to share your designs with your team or clients, making it easier to collaborate and receive feedback.

5. Use Canva To Create Interactive Content 

Canva offers its users the ability to create interactive content, such as presentations and infographics. With Canva, you can create a timeline or a process chart that explains your business’s workflow or history. You can create a graphical representation of your data with Canva’s customizable charts, graphs, and diagrams. By creating interactive content, you can make the content more engaging, which in turn makes it more shareable and increases the chances of growing your audience.


Using Canva integration makes creating visually appealing content more accessible, which can help you stand out in the competitive digital market. By connecting your Canva account with your content management system, utilizing Canva templates, importing custom branding kits, collaborating with your team, and creating interactive content you can have a more effective content strategy. Remember to keep your designs on-brand to maintain a consistent visual identity throughout your website and social media channels. Take advantage of one of the best sales enablement tools Canva today, and elevate your content marketing game to the next level.


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