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How to start online business in Poland from USA

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Do you want to start a business in Poland and want to know about the market cap and how to improve it? Then you are at the right place. Today I will discuss how to start a perfect business in Poland and how to generate more sales. First, you need to know that everyone in Poland does not know the English language, so you have to set up the business in their native language. Moreover, the content should be written naturally in the local language. You must know about website localisation if you are targeting multiple countries. Website localisation is a process that is very useful in their native language. 

Polish vs. English Websites in Poland

Are you thinking about starting an online business in Poland in English and thinking about whether it will work or not? Then let’s make a simple comparison. People do not understand any foreign language as they understand their native language. So if you convert your website into the native language, then it will increase your sales. You can translate all your pages into Polish and submit them to the website. In addition, Google likes to rank local content instead of International content in a specific country. 

Is Website Localisation Worthy?

Yes, if you are targeting some specific countries, then website localisation is significant. With the help of website localisation, you can improve your ranking in Google, and it will also increase the number of sales. Moreover, you can target a local audience with very little knowledge and sell your product to them in their native language. Website localisation means translating web pages into a new language and transforming the whole culture into a new one. This is why you should hire someone specialist to do the website localisation. Skrivanek Translations can help you in making your website localisation worth it.

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Benefits of website translation into Polish

If you want a successful business in Poland, then it is essential to have the polish language on your website by default. Translation will increase the number of customers and sales. In addition, it will also rank your website in google.pl because of local keywords. People love to search in their native language, and properly using the keywords in your content will improve your SEO.

  • Improves ranking in Google
  • Increases the number of customers and sales
  • Improves brand awareness in the local audience
  • Best for the local business.
  • Best of local marketing


This article discusses how to start an online business in Poland and how to make it successful. We have also talked about translating and localizing your website into the polish language. Moreover, we have also discussed the benefits of the Polish language for business in Poland. However, if you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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