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How to Spot Authentic and Fake Nike Panda Dunk Reps

When it comes to authentic Panda Dunks, the collar of the shoe is key. Its fabric should be thin, with a mesh-like texture and tiny holes. The collar of a fake panda dunk reps are thick, and it lacks the mesh-like texture. Fake Panda Dunks do not have this, and they usually have the wrong collar texture. Here are some tips to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake:

Fake Nike Dunks

The most obvious signs of a fake Nike panda dunk reps are the inconsistencies in the label and the font size. The authentic size tag is bolded and aligns the letter “R” with the center of the letter “N.” The fake label lacks these characteristics and has the numbers “0” and ‘1’ written backwards. A close examination of the shoe will reveal the differences. Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to spot a fake in no time.

Another sign of a fake is the packaging. The packaging for an authentic pair will be blue, with the letter “KE” clearly embroidered in the lining. The text on a fake Panda will be lighter in color and separated from the letter “N.” Authentic Nike Panda Dunks come with a cardboard shoe tree in its box, but these replica shoes are made with thin paper, so the tree will be modified.

Authentic Nike Dunks

Whether you’re looking for an authentic pair of Nike Panda Dunks, or a knock-off, you must look for a few tell-tale signs. An authentic pair has thick, embroidered text, while a knock-off’s embroidery is thin and imprinted with crooked or sloppy lettering. The font of an authentic pair is also larger than a replica shoes, with the letters “R” appearing much smaller and indistinguishable from a fake.

You can tell an authentic pair by looking for a curvier foxing, a taller midsole, and a toe cap that points up. The authentic pair also has a textured surface and bright blue details. If these details are absent, the shoe is a fake. A fake will look bulky and unattractive. Here’s how to spot an authentic pair. It’s easy!

Authentic Nike Dunk Lows


Authentic Nike Panda Dunks are blue with thick, bold letters. They will have a blue box. The size tag is the most obvious difference between a fake and an authentic pair. It is also more prominent in a fake than an authentic one. In addition, the letters “NIKE” are much thicker on an authentic pair. The “R” on the retail version will be less prominent and blend in with the background.

Fake Nike Dunk Lows

How to Spot Fake Nike panda dunk reps? First, pay attention to the size tag. Authentic size tags are bolded, while fake size tags are not. They also have smaller letters, and the letters “R” are less prominent and blend in with the background. The backside label of fakes also contains a red circle. These two signs indicate that the shoes are not authentic. They may also be worn by people who have allergies to synthetic materials.

When examining the toe box of the fake, look for thin stitching in the midsole. The stitching may also be uneven or missing altogether. The logo on the fake may have extra paint flaws and be deflated. And the soles may be missing or incomplete. The fakes should not feature detachable insoles. This would be an easy way to spot fakes. Also, they will be made with thin soles.

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