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How to promote Instagram account of a hairdresser-stylist

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The Instagram account of a hairdresser is not only a tool that attracts new customers, but also a visual platform for a hairdresser-stylist that will tell your clients about fashion trends in hair coloring.

Having your own account, a hairdresser can tell a wide audience about his activities and attract potential clients. Today we will talk about how to promote a stylist account without the need to often buy Instagram followers.

Account Purposes

A hairdresser needs Instagram for several reasons:

  • content visualization. It is an ideal platform for visualization, as it allows you to reach a large audience of users in your region by hashtag in a short time.
  • emphasis on the professional qualities of a specialist. Each hairdresser has individual characteristics that distinguish his work from others. The social network allows you to find the right clients for the hairdresser. You can also buy real Instagram followers to get even more of an audience. Perhaps some of them will leave, but the rest will become your customers.

What to choose — a personal account or a professional one?

When choosing an account type for a hairdresser, a personal page is considered the most appropriate. Many users, choosing a specialist, are interested not only in his work and the process of cutting and coloring, but also in his personality. Photos from everyday life allow customers to get to know the hairdresser better and make a choice.

However, when posting photos from your personal life, do not forget that the account is used to attract customers. Therefore, all photographs taken must be of high quality and interesting. In this case, the client will not only want to see beautiful pictures, but also contact you as a professional hairdresser.

How to promote a hairdresser

When moving forward, patience is essential. To attract customers, you need to stick to your main theme, post new posts regularly, and promote your account smartly.


It is necessary to use hashtags with a high degree of targeting (narrowly targeted) and medium range. Properly chosen hashtags will help the photographer to promote services, and users to find information.

The photo must have hashtags indicating the profession of a specialist. This will promote the promotion of hair stylists who can do certain hairstyles and styling (wedding or gala evening). It is recommended to include hashtags in job descriptions.


The use of geolocation allows you to mark on the photo the point where the photo session took place. This feature is useful for clients who are nearby and want to get the same photo shoot. Geolocation is also an advantage for people who are interested in finding clients near their home or in the area where they live.


The essence of collaboration is cooperation with well-known brands or accounts with a large number of subscribers in order to advertise services or mutual PR.

Treated Advertising

The decision to use Instagram to acquire new customers requires an investment in advertising. You can use official advertising and post your ads on the social network. Also, to get new subscribers and clients, you can use the services of well-known bloggers.


Social networks allow you to offer your services and attract new customers without leaving your home. A hairdresser should not only have a portfolio with high quality photos, but also attractive content so that people can follow the profile.

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