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A Professional Guide on How To Promote A YouTube Video

YouTube has more than 1.9 billion users, who on average spend 40 minutes a day watching videos. This is clearly the perfect place to get your content out there.

The problem is that it’s hard to make your videos stand out from the 300+ hours of new videos uploaded every minute, and it’s also easy for people to overlook your video if they don’t want to see it.

For this reason I tell you how to promote your YouTube Channel and give it reach and diffusion.

How to promote a YouTube video successfully?

When creating a YouTube channel, everything is illusion. You think you make great video content and your videos will quickly have likes, visits, and subscriptions. However, this is not the case.

Here are some tips to promote a video on YouTube faster:

  • Offering a fun and creative proposal.
  • As it is vital, it generates quality content, the videos must generate interest, surprise the user and also present the story under a defined aesthetic that narrates the identity of your brand or product without words.
  • Offering users visual elements is a great strategy to apply on a platform intended for viewing.

If you are able to quickly empathize with users and not only give them information that resolves their intention, it will make that brand image penetrate faster and your content will spread faster.

If you are serious, you are serious, and if you have graces, use it in your videos but do not force anything. The important thing is that what you offer is good, do not keep anything. If on top of that you give it grace and you are different from the rest in personality, much better for your videos and for your Branding.

Top Tips to Promote Your Youtube Channel For Free

  • It may be obvious, but don’t overlook the potential of the other networks. Take advantage of its interconnectivity to promote your video to the maximum.
  • Keep in mind that nobody knows you. At first, you will have to move your videos through all possible means.
  • Platforms like Bloggers help you spread your content. It is a platform where you can upload your videos for free and promote them.

How to promote a Youtube video by paying

When using YouTube in audiovisual projects, many agree that the correct thing is to bet on the daily bid when hiring an advertising service. This way, you can more accurately track your audience, and you won’t be overspending aimlessly.

If you have a budget and want to know how much it costs to promote a YouTube channel, invest in YouTube Ads

Don’t forget your subscriber list

Your contact list cannot be left out of your strategy to promote a video on YouTube. A large percentage of web users use this page, so you will likely find a few followers in your email.

It’s not easy at first, but as they grow, they will be loyal users who will help you promote your content.

Forums to promote the YouTube channel

Forums are sites that are prone to spam, but if you do it right and add value to the comments by promoting your YouTube videos, they are an excellent way to make yourself known and spread the word about your videos.

Create a website

If you want to multiply the ways to promote your videos, creating a website can be a very effective strategy.

If you also embed your videos within the articles of your blog, much better because you will get that traffic that by itself with a YouTube channel will be more difficult.

In addition, readers and subscribers to your website will also give more diffusion to your videos.


SEO works, and on Youtube, it was not going to be less. Optimizing your videos and targeting them based on the user’s search intentions will make your videos gain visibility sooner.

Optimize the titles, create thumbnails that encourage the click, include keywords in the description, transcribe YouTube videos and include transcripts, mention keywords in the videos, and attack long-tail keywords at the beginning.

All this helps to promote your YouTube videos faster.

Tips to promote your Youtube videos

It is true that being a network based on creativity, it is difficult to define a specific formula for each type of content.

In reality, there is no generic standard, although there are some recommendations that you can follow to improve the exposure of your video and make it successful.

Keep it short: Youtube’s algorithm favors videos that are less than 10 minutes long, so try to keep your video as concise as possible. (whenever possible)

Make it personal: Try to make the video about your life and from your own perspective, rather than just an advertisement for the product or service.

Use humor: People love to watch funny videos on YouTube, so use humor in your video if possible.

The tags: Locating and defining tags for your video is essential to further limit the audience that will see your video. Targeting it toward your audience will increase your chances of success. These tags should contain the keywords of your project. And don’t forget to add them to the description too.

Optimize thumbnails: When a user browses through YouTube, they may choose or discard your video based on the thumbnail they see. So it is essential to select this feature.

Add CTA: Place a reminder to follow or subscribe to your channel while your video is playing.

Integrate into the community: Visit blogs and forums to leave a link to your channel and always respond to interactions.


In summary, promoting videos on YouTube is not an easy task, especially at the beginning, but above all, you have to be patient. Quick success YouTubers, there are only a few.

Work with good content, make your thumbnails stand out, create a brand that people will recognize, share your content on social networks, use advertising if you can, and above all, use SEO. This combination will gradually make you climb higher.

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