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Thursday, November 30, 2023

How to Make Money on Cyber Sports

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There are several ways to make money in eSports. Some generate real cash by playing various video games, a dream many players want to realize. At the same time, many people earn a living by eSports betting on platforms like GGBET and others. 

eSports betting has recently gained popularity. That’s why many online bookmakers allow their members to bet on various eSports games and events. They broadcast teams playing multiple games in real-time to make live betting possible or accept bets for upcoming events. Most eSports betting sites also allow instant betting on a sequence of outcomes. Usually, bookies provide excellent odds for express betting and help people maximize their profits.

However, if you want to benefit from eSports, knowledge of the industry and games inside out, you need to spend long hours in the game and be extremely talented because of the fierce competition. Besides, permanent participation in various tournaments and significant wins are critical to be noted and get sponsorship.

  1. Do eSport Fans Have Real Chances to Win Bets?

A question that interests people far from eSports sounds like, “And where is, in general, money from?” The answer is quite simple: everything is thanks to sponsors and advertising. In addition, the developer is another component. It is interested in promoting its project and tries to attract a new audience using the professional scene.

Interestingly, cyber sports’ profit potential is much higher than, for example, traditional football can boast. That’s why many private investors worldwide contribute billions to eSport startups. Gamers’ matches have been held since 1972 but reached the same popularity as classic sports just a decade ago. Hence, developers make the most of booming video games. They create professional cybersports leagues, sell franchises, and arrange tournaments with multi-million prize pools. 

As can be seen, everything is serious. That’s why Lady Luck will smile on you if you bet on a legit portal, making reasonable predictions. Moreover, here are more tips for your future success:

  • Deal with what you know

For example, you can start with CS: GO. It features simple gameplay (players perform various missions on the map) and a wide range of straightforward betting markets. Hence, you can choose another game you are keen on. 

  • Sprint or marathon?

Novices should understand that short distances can still go with a plus. For example, put express bets on several events and enjoy a higher win than the original bet. However, only the most experienced bettors “survive” at a long distance. They analyze teams, view events, calculate odds, and use circuits. Everyone else, sooner or later, dumps the deposit and goes away.

  • Go up the stairs

Every eSports event has a favorite and an underdog, which affects the odds. For example, the odds of winning the favorite can be only 1.10. Hence, you’ll win $110 when betting 100 bucks. Profit is almost guaranteed when a strong team meets a “no-name” player. Thus, bet on favorites to win and then bet again by adding the winnings generated by the previous bet. 

  • Turn your fail into luck 

Cyber fans often use the Martingale strategy of betting on the event and doubling if they lose until they win. The main thing is to look for events with odds above 2.0. In addition, you have to recapture bad bets 1:1 in the case of winning to make this strategy work.

  • Don’t neglect outsiders

You may succeed if the information you’ve grabbed is 100% reliable. In eSports, the situation with underdogs is unpredictable. For example, the OG team, the two-time champion of The International, DOTA 2 major annual tournament, has proven itself in the last two tournaments. At the same time, OG failed and took the 6-7 place in smaller ones. 

  1. How Does the “Flat” Method Work?

Apart from those tips, you can try the Flat strategy. It helps you control the budget and avoid wasting money, dividing the bank into small percentages. The point is not to earn but to save. Moreover, this approach is fundamental in the poorly studied cybersports market. Generally, there are several types of “Flat” depending on the bankroll percentage you spend on each bet: 

  • Static: 1%
  • Academic: 1-3%
  • Aggressive: 2-3%

For example, you replenish your account for 100 dollars and spend 1% on every bet, meaning a dollar. From this moment, you must bet $1 but not fewer or more bucks at a time. In other words, You can’t break strategy rules. Allocate 1 or 2% of the total bank to eSports. Increase to 3% if you constantly win, but no more. This rule is about sports betting in general. 

Sometimes “Flats” comes with percentages not assigned to a fixed bank but a changeable one. For example, the pot is 100 dollars. Thus, 1% is 1 dollar. Bet on 2, win two bucks and get the pot (100-1)+1×2=101. Then, count 1% of the new amount: 101:100=1.01. After that, you have 101-1.01=99.9 if the bet fails. Then, you count 1% of the new amount: 99.9:100…, and so on.

Generally, minimal deviations from the chosen strategy are highly recommended, whatever approach you apply. For example, you can look for growing odds on the favorite in the live mode or use the standard Martingale strategy. In any case, the key is to avoid mixing strategies at the first failure. Such stability saves most of the pot for long-term betting.

  1. Why Should You Avoid Large Stakes?

Risking massive amounts is not recommended because of the following reasons.

Some offline and online bookmakers don’t pay as much attention to eSports as traditional sports. In most cases, they fear mistakes with the probability of outcomes and take less money flow, therefore setting a high margin. Hence, the odds are not very attractive. 

Sometimes, bookies limit bets’ maximum amounts to prevent professional punters from making money. This issue might be critical for those focused on the Martingale strategy.

Some cyber disciplines have many teams with unstable performance because of talented players’ fast-growing number and frequent replacements within teams. That’s why a clam dunk may easily turn into lost bets. Hence, spending big sums is risky, even on low odds.

  1. Problems to Consider When Placing Bets on Cyber Sports

eSports bets are underdeveloped and far inferior to traditional sports like football, basketball, hockey, or tennis. The problem is that the betting line and live paintings are much wider than the pre-match betting offers.

On the one hand, a highly developed live painting evokes happiness and delight. After all, bookies used to take pre-match bets and learned to work when the game is shown live later. On the other hand, pre-match and live are more or less balanced in traditional sports. We can place a bet the day before the match starts and get money a week after the outcome. Besides, we can win even when players have already been in the game for several minutes. Nevertheless, eSports lack such opportunities.

Well, but what is the way out?

The eSports line’s superiority over the pre-match implies two scenarios:

  • First, you should be completely immersed in the game, analyzing participants in detail, watching broadcasts, and placing well-thought bets during the match. The scheme suits those who love eSports and spend at least a couple of hours watching streams. 
  • Another option is to bet the pre-match, considering an insufficient number of outcomes bookies offer. The strategy is good for busy punters with basic betting experience and the desire to test themselves in eSports. 

More Ways of Making Money on Cyber Sports

  • Make predictions

Instead of betting, you can learn to navigate e-sports by yourself, analyze matches, and make your own e-sports predictions for other bettors. Some highly successful forecasters earn good money by selling their predictions. At the same time, some write analytics for different portals. In other words, you can master the cyber-sports team fairly well and earn by selling your knowledge to those who need it.

  • Write posts

Some people are good at playing computer games and become cyber athletes. In contrast, others are good at covering events involving professional players. Suppose you have found a gift to articulate your thoughts beautifully and are passionate about computer sports. In that case, you can use your talents to push your way into e-sports journalism. Today, many portals are dedicated to computer sports. They need talented news writers, reports, articles, and other interesting texts and videos.

You may become known to the general public as one of the most creative interviewers or the author of many exciting posts that everyone loves to read. In addition, this method is less risky than real-money betting and is monetized quite simply. Certainly, unlike earnings on bets, this way is not for everyone. However, you’ll become recognizable and financially successful if you have enough creativity and ex[ertise to meet editors’ requirements. 

  • Trade skins

Some players trade in-game items to their advantage, buying ordinary things cheaper and selling more expensive ones. Others may collect rare items and sell them for a high price. They can be engaged to exchange skins for real money, giving way to items at a price lower than the market offers. In such cases, people may resort to guarantors who will ensure a fair exchange or gamble on trust without a guarantor. However, one or the other party risks being deceived by the fraudsters in this case.

  • Comment on matches

Do you have extraordinary charisma to win viewers’ hearts? Then make your way into streaming and commenting on matches. To enjoy spectacular performances, eSports fans use online services like YouTube and other entertainment venues. People are even willing to pay for a beautiful show, spending hours watching different streams. If you’re an interesting person and can surprise the public, it’s time to start building your own fanbase.

  • Make videos

You can create the right channel that people will go to search for interesting videos. Alternatively, master the intriguing subtleties of editing and create interesting, funny, or even music videos by using the highlights of a particular championship.

  1. Final Thoughts

Anyone ready to do something can make money on eSports. This iGaming niche is generous but never gives money to those sitting and waiting for the manna of heaven. So if you find a way you like, do it. If not, you are free to devise a way to succeed in the cybersports world, writing your name in video games’ history.


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