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How to make effective billboards?

Here we will tell you how to make impressive and effective advertising posters. Pay attention and take notes.


Once we know the main advantages of creating an advertising poster, we will see how to create advertising posters effectively with the help of customized fonts.


The essential point of an advertising poster is the design, which must be attractive, clear, functional, and adjusted to the target audience.

When designing an advertising poster, it is essential to take into account the following points:

  • Choose an impressive image and striking colors that capture the public’s attention and, if possible, are related to the brand image.
  • It must have a clear and straightforward structure that facilitates reading and understanding.
  • The message must be short and direct so the user can understand the message quickly and without difficulty.
  • It should not contain too much information. Otherwise, the audience could lose focus and eventually lose attention. For this, you have to use flyers and brochures.
  • It is essential to choose a typeface that fits the poster’s style and is also easy to read to facilitate understanding of the poster.
  • The logo of the company or brand to be advertised cannot be missing from the poster.
  • You must include the company’s contact information so that any interested party can contact you quickly.


Another of the most important points when creating advertising posters is to bet on quality printing since the final result of the sign will depend enormously on the printing, giving a much more professional image, enhancing the colors, and increasing the image quality you have created. Selected.

The ideal is to bet on digital printing, which offers excellent results and high quality, and is much more comfortable and straightforward. You can search out the specialists who are specialized in printing advertising posters, and we offer you multiple sizes and types of paper to choose from.

When printing an advertising poster we find two types of paper above the rest, which are matte-coated and gloss-coated, and that will depend on the objectives that are intended to be achieved.

Matte-coated paper is the most recommended if you want to give priority to the text and facilitate the compression of the information. On the contrary, the gloss-coated paper will bring out the colours and cause a greater impact, which makes it the most recommended to create an effective advertising poster, which is capable of attracting attention and generating interest among the public. Don’t forget to use the sans serif fonts.

And as for the finish, if what you want is to achieve the greatest possible visibility and make it stand out from the rest of the posters, we recommend you go for flat, metallic or phosphorescent inks, creating contrast with the rest of the colours that you have used in the sign.


And finally, although it is not related to how to make advertising posters, for the success of the poster it will also be essential to choose the appropriate location since its effectiveness will depend greatly on the place where it has been placed.

The location will be marked by the previous research you have done to meet your target audience since you will have to choose those places where those people who can become potential customers have the most presence.

Likewise, the location will also mark the size of the advertising poster, so this point could be located higher up without any problem.

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