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Acrylic Keychains

How to Make Acrylic Keychains

Don’t you know how vital a keyring is? Despite the fact that it puts your keys together and saves them from getting lost, it also has several benefits. How do you feel if you put your key in your bag and then you can’t find it? What will you do if you have several keys of the same design? Isn’t it time-consuming and challenging to check every key to find the right one for a particular lock?

There is only one right way to avoid all these troubles. Use a keychain; better if you get one with an attractive design, tassels, or key fob. Moreover, it reflects your personality if you put effort and attention to minute details.

Using a small quote, some motivating words, your name, or anime on your keychains give them a unique and exciting look. And I like that you can gift such a keychain by printing someone’s favorite quote, words, name, animal, bird, or anime on any occasion. Not only the donee loves it, but it also reminds him or her of you. Moreover, it is also valuable, protecting the keys of the donee; thus, precious.

Can I make my acrylic keychain myself?

Yes, it is possible to make your own keychain. The acrylic ones with different prints reflect your personality and are a valuable and unique addition to your accessories. Let’s see how you make your own acrylic keychain.

Things you need

  • Blanks Kit
  • acrylic blanks
  • key chains
  • keychain tassels
  • jump rings
  • Tool Kit
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut smart vinyl
  • Transfer paper
  • Pliers

Step By Step Guide To Make Acrylic Keychains

Follow this step-by-step guide to make a beautiful and attractive acrylic keychain.

Choose the design

The first step is to choose or design something. It depends upon you whether you want to put your creative magic or get an image from the Internet. Choose the right size according to your keychain blank.

Use your Cricut machine.

Now it’s time to use your Cricut machine. After choosing the design and font for words, load the soft vinyl into your Cricut machine and let the machine works.

Weed your design

After the machine puts your design on the soft vinyl paper, it’s time to weed it; peel away the extra vinyl paper and leave only your design or alphabets.

Transfer your design to transfer tape/paper

You can use transfer tape or clear transfer paper in the next step. Peel off the transfer tape and put it on your design. Put the vinyl down firmly by rubbing the transfer paper with a burnishing tool. Once you have done this, carefully peel back the transfer paper, and your pattern should come off with it, leaving behind the blank white background.

Transfer the layout to your keychain blank

Now take your acrylic blank and peel away the protective covering from both sides. After that, put your design, meaning vinyl picture or words, on whichever side of the acrylic blank you want.

After giving it a good vigorous rubbing, remove the transfer paper; thus, the vinyl picture or words adhere to the acrylic blank.

Attach the other accessories and finish it

In the end, attach all the other accessories like the key chain, tassel, and jump ring using a plier. Then you are ready to use your own customized acrylic keychain.

Can someone do it for me?

If you don’t think you can do the process perfectly, then taking professionals’ help is nothing wrong. Whether it’s for your own keys or want for your friend’s group, or you want to start a small keychain business, Vograce comes to help you.

From one to thousand in quantity, you can customize acrylic keychains in less budget but without compromising on quality. Moreover, you can customize the shape instead of getting a circle, rectangle, or pentagon keychain.


I hope this article about how to make acrylic keychains help you in creating some stunning keychains for yourself and your friends and family. Personalizing your acrylic keychains will prove an exciting and adventurous process for you.

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