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How to make a bet online? – Step by Step

If you are wondering how to make a bet or how to bet online, we will tell you that it is super simple and above all safe as long as you choose the correct bookmaker. To make sports betting online, you have to know which bookmaker you want to place a bet at 22Bet SN , if you still do not decide which one, you may be interested in this article.

Step 1: Register or open an account with a bookmaker

Enter the Bets son and click on “Open Account”, there you will have a form where you must fill in your data. In the form, you can also choose your preferred type of currency for deposits and collections (soles, dollars…).

For your safety, we recommend that you enter your real data in the form, bookmakers carry out random checks, and may ask you for a copy of your ID at some point to verify your identity. This is very important for you as a client, because these security measures are for your own benefit, do not forget that it is an entity where you are going to make money transactions. Then, fill in the form with real data and that’s it, you send the form using the button that appears there.

Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent to the address you entered. The email contains a link to verify the account, you just open it and you already have an account created.

All bookmakers have basically the same registration process.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account

How to make a bet online? Well, you already have an account and to bet you have to enter or deposit money, you may wonder how? The bookmakers make various methods available to the user to deposit. In this case, with Bets son you can use credit cards, PagoEfectivo , Pagodirecto, Paysafecard, as well as deposits via Interbank, BCP, and Global net ATMs, among other options.

Depositing money is usually the most “tedious” step for many, but in reality, it is not. Once you load your account you can make bets for different amounts and on different dates, you do not have to bet everything deposited in a single bet. If you have a credit card, do not hesitate, it is a safe and fast method.

As we already mentioned, there are several methods to deposit and withdraw, so if you don’t have a credit card or you don’t want to use it, you can opt for virtual cards, electronic wallets such as PayPal or Skrilla, Paysafecard vouchers, bank deposits or through agents, among other possibilities. It will depend on the bookmaker you choose and the country where you are.

Example River Plate vs Palmira’s

We will use this match for the explanation of the Match Winner single bet with three options (1×2). The one that indicates +147 indicates that for that match Bets son offers 147 options or betting markets, and by clicking on that number you will be able to see all those options.

Step 3: Make your first bet

Now comes the good stuff! Here we really explain how to make a bet online.
You already have an account and you have deposited money; this means that you have a balance to betting and you can now make your first bet.

If you are new, I recommend you start by placing a simple 1X2 type bet on a sport and event that you know or have an affinity with. It can be Peruvian soccer, Spanish League, Champions League, or even any other sport that you follow and have some knowledge of, the possibilities are incredibly wide.

Enter the bookmaker where you have registered and log in with your username and password. You are now in your account, and you are ready to bet!

At first, you will see the most upcoming events, popular events, and live events. If you want to be more specific you have the menu to search for popular events or a specific tournament/sport in this case we chose the Soccer category. Let’s take as an example a Copa Liberators match with the Bets son bookmaker.

As soon as I click on the odd (clicking on an odd means that you choose that bet), a “Coupon” automatically opens, which is like a voucher where the details of the bet you want to make, and the possible winnings are shown.

Bets son betting coupon

As you can see in the graph, the betting coupon automatically calculates how much I would win if my bet is successful. By clicking on the “place bet” button, you would be confirming it.

Logically you can only bet if you have a balance in your account.

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