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How to Look Out for These Red Flags in a Marriage in 2022

Everybody is bound to face many different issues in their life. Marital problems don’t make an exception. No matter how much in love a couple is, problems creep their way into their relationship in one way or another. It calls for mutual understanding and working on oneself to overcome this issue. Here are a few things you need to know about to understand the swing of your relationship. 

Signs Your Relationship has Become Toxic 

There might be some red flags in your relationship that aren’t prominent or you might simply choose to ignore them. Owing to your oversight, there can come potential risks to your bond with your partner, often leading to breaking up with them. Here are the signs you need to take heed to. 

Contempt for your partner

When disrespecting and despising each other becomes inevitable, it is a clear wake-up call. A relationship is solely built on the foundation of love and respect. If either of them feels their gorge rise while being in the same room as the other, it is a clear sign that their relationship has become dysfunctional. 

Makes you feel bad about yourself

It is a no-brainer to understand that someone who makes you feel bad about yourself is being toxic. What requires to be looked at is finding ways to have positive interactions. You might be the one making your partner lament about herself. So in such instances, you are required to see where you have gone unfairly and work on your negativity.

You stay back in the relationship for external reasons 

If the sole purpose of redeeming your marriage is something like facing society or deterring problems that your kids are vulnerable to, it is an indication that your relationship is on the verge of getting destroyed. Mutual affection and love are the keys to any relationship and if the reason to hold yourself back is neither, then you are forcing yourself into it which will eventually result in letting go. 

The aftermath of a Toxic Relationship 

The aftermath of a toxic relationship can be bad, but completely cutting ties with the person can be painful too. To add on, if you loved the person deeply, breaking up with them can make you miserable. 

Some of the impacts of a toxic relationship are:

  • Stress and anxiety 
  • Existential crisis 
  • Sleep changes and insomnia 
  • PTSD 
  • Hindrance at work 
  • Worsened health condition.

Your Marriage Can Be Doomed 

When push comes to shove, there comes a point where love ceases to exist between a couple. Loss of love can be hurtful and disillusioning, especially if you are emotionally invested in the relationship. If you are sure that your wife doesn’t love you anymore, you might need to work on that yourself. There can be various underlying reasons to look for–

  • Lack of communication 
  • Devoid of emotional connection 
  • Not expressing yourself 
  • Infidelity 
  • Arising negativity 
  • Being ungrateful 

Are there ways to fix them? To all the downhearted people, heighten your spirits, for there are many ways to fix them. Change can start with you. Teach yourself how to win your wife’s heart back, the way you did the first time.

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